10 Things you didn’t know you could do with your iPhone


There are certainly some hidden features in iPhone you may not know about.You usually have to dig a lot to find em out.Don’t worry we will show you some of the many things you can do with your iPhone.Assuming you have latest software lets go ahead and find out.

1Toggle LED flash on for alerts and notifications

Go to General->Accesibility->Hearing->Toggle LED Flash for alerts

2Have siri announce the names when someone’s calling

Go to Settings App->Phone->Announce calls->*Select any of the 4 options*

3Swipe down from top of the screen to let iPhone read content on your screen loud.

Speak Screen

4Create shortcuts that can replace words,phrases or sentences like gn to gn sd tc cya

text shorcuts

5iOS 9 or higher you can lock your notes.Open any note in notes app.

Tap Share button->Lock note->Set up an individual password per note or use TouchID->Tap Lock button.


6Search for image by object. iOS 9 introduced way to search photos by objects in your pics like blue sky, blue colour,blue or any property that your pic has.Just tap search icon and enter your query and hit return.Initially your iPhone scans through your library which may take some time.

object and scene recognition in photos app

7Open Zip files with notes App.Didn’t know that eh?We knew you wouldn’t know.

8Customize reader made in safari.Open any article on Webpage.Tap the 3 lines button in address bar.

Press AA->Select a font size ,font type and background colour.

9Share your current location or share continuously.Nice way to track your kids at school?Perhaps yes.

Go to messages app.Hit on any message.Tap i->Send my current location or Share my location.Boom if any problem configure it in Privacy->Location services->Share my location ->select people you want to share your location with.

10On iPhone 6s or iPhone 7 You can 3D touch.i.e. press firmly on app icons to bring up shortcuts for various supported apps.

3D touch