Top 10 things that samsung s9 can do and the iPhone X can’t

samsung galaxy s9

Which one among iPhone X and samsung s9 is better?Answer isn’t that simple.

In this post we put few interesting differences between the 2 flagship devices.Samsung s9 is one of the finest smartphones in the market.

Here’s our top 10 list where samsung s9 outperforms the iPhone X.You can also read 10 things we love about it.

Variable Aperture

Samsung s9 can adjust between the two apertures f 1.5 and f 2.4 apertures depending upon the amount of light available.iPhone X has fixed aperture and it doesn’t have specialised hardware to achieve this.

With variable aperture in place, samsung s9 can take better low light shots.

Super Slow-mo

s9 can record a video upto 960 fps and slow it down dramatically.iPhone has slow-mo at 1080p and 60 fps.iPhone is no where close to s9 in this aspect.

Best of all you can set these super slow-mo clips as your dynamic wallpapers.

Micro SD storage expansion

I get it, apple folks have iCloud storage that integrates very well in their eco system.However if you want can carry as many SD cards with you as you want.

Expandable storage is still a fundamental difference between s9 and iPhone X.

Adjustable background blur

Both of the devices let you take portrait mode pics however you can’t customise the amount of blur on iPhone X.

S9 lets you customise the amount of blur and even add some shapes to bokeh effect.

Iris scan

FaceID works really well on iPhone X.Apple’s TrueDepth camera supports 3D face scanning.However FaceID can’t distinguish between twins or some similar looking family members.

Samsung s9 has iris scan feature which scans your iris pattern using the IR camera and is proven to be highly secure.

Fingerpint sensor

This is kinda funny coz iPhone X doesn’t have a fingerprint sensor.I’m sure folks argue its more secure and convenient.But how convenient is it to really have fingerprint sensor.

Let’s say your at beach chilling you can unlock your phone simply by placing your finger.

Headphone Jack

Speaking of convenience its really surprising to have a headphone jack on a modern flagship smartphone.Pixel 2 and iPhone X have left it in the dust.

Samsung even includes pair of AKG headphones in the box to enhance your music listening experience.

Gigabit LTE

I’ve mentioned this feature in another post and its worth mentioning it again.It can support Super-fast LTE speeds upto 1.2 GBPS.iPhone X certainly lacks this.

Desktop docking station

Samsung s9 can be plugged into DeX stand and you can use your computer to control your phone.You can do variety of things like surfing the web, typing messages and more.

This gives you more flexibility to work, the way you want to.

Software customisation

Dont like the built-in theme?Install a third party launcher like nova launcher or google’s own launcher.

You can set your choice of default applications for various things like browser,mail client and more.

This is where samung galaxy s9 outshines iPhone X.



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