Comprehensive guide to the best iPhone 7 feature : 3D touch on iPhone 7


3D touch iPhone 7 is flagship feature that iPhone users can enjoy.iPhone 7 comes with greatest and latest A10 Fusion chip, Dual cameras ,Water resistance and more.There’s one feature you can use to get many things done quickly and smartly on with 3D touch on iPhone 7.

17iPhone 7 comes preloaded with 3D touch enabled by default.However Toggle it on/off first. Go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility ->Scroll down to find 3D Touch ->Turn it on.

16Invoke App Shortcuts and Widgets by pressing hardly on any App Icon.If the App supports you can find shortcuts or if you’re running iOS 10 by default you can find Share App Shortcut.

3D Touch iPhone 7

15Quickly preview the photos you’ve taken in Camera App by 3D touching on Thumbnails to Peek and release to take another Shot.


14Press lightly, until you hear a slight vibration to Peek(Preview) various content such as notes, web links,Calendar Availability,Contact cards and even third party content like Whatsapp messages,Viber messages and more.

13While peeking Press even a bit harder (Pop) to actually view the content in the respective Apps.

123D touch on folders to rename or view number of notifications of Apps in your folder.

11Prioritise,Cancel or Pause the App download while download is in progress by 3D touch on App Icon.


10Switch between Apps by 3D touch-ing on the left side of iPhone 7 until you hear a vibration.

9Adjust Flashlight intensity by 3D touching on Flashlight icon and select the intensity you want.

8Invoke various shortcuts in Control centre by touching on Various icons in Control center.

7When you take live photos (Tap the circles button in camera app) 3D touch to animate photos you’ve taken on iPhone 7.


6Finally 3D Touch on iPhone 7 keyboard to activate trackpad mode to precisely select and place your cursor.

5With iOS 10 you can interact with notifications by 3D Touching on notifications to preview the content like Pics and messages on iPhone 7.


4Clear all notifications in notification centre by 3D touching on x button and pressing Clear All Notifications.

33D Touch on Settings App to  Bring shortcuts to Battery,Mobile Data ,Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

23D Touch in Mail App to peek and pop Content.And also swipe left or right to mark as read ,archive, move to mailbox or delete.

13D Touch on Find my iPhone App to quickly ping any of your iCloud devices signed in with same Apple ID.



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