Alexa and Cortana: Key highlights of Microsoft Build conference[2018]

alexa and cortana

Alexa and Cortana can now talk to each other. Thanks to the new partnership between Amazon and Microsoft, you can get best of both worlds.

Here’s everything Microsoft announced at the Build conference few weeks.

Microsoft Build Key Highlights

Microsoft is extending the power of AI to the cloud. With its Azure IOT model, companies can perform complex analysis in the cloud.

What does that mean? Well, it means faster AI computations. It also reduces the load on the server as it uses distributed model.

What are the use cases of using AI in IOT gadgets?

Well, the best example that Microsoft demonstrated is to use AI capabilities to perform complex operations.

Let’s say there’s a problem in an industry. Workers may need to go analyse what it is and it can be dangerous at times.

So you can use drones like DJI equipped with Azure AI model to examine the anomalies for you.

Microsoft’s strong stand on privacy

The company has announced that it now has a separate team to look after privacy policies. This is very important and Microsoft CEO also referred to privacy as a fundamental right

Cortana and Alexa

Microsoft is going to integrate Cortana with Alexa. As both assistants are cloud-based, it should be easy for both companies.

As Microsoft announced on stage, you can speak to Alexa and say open Cortana. And the vice-versa. Alexa already has thousands of skills and it’s getting better every day.

Also, Cortana is powered by Bing. So Amazon may gain access to Bing’s data or search using Cortana. This can give the company another advantage over its rival Google.

Whereas Microsoft can benefit from Alexa’s skills and extendability. It’s a win-win for both the companies.

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