Amazon alexa or Google home : Still undecided?Read more(UPDATED).

alexa or google home

If you’re in the market for the best smart speaker you have 2 best bets, Amazon alexa or Google home.

Either of the devices are highly capable. We break down the main differences between amazon echo and Google home.

Music streaming and online services 

Amazon alexa can stream music from variety of sources such as Prime music, Spotify and Pandora.

Amazon recently added multi-room support to echo, something that Apple homepod clearly lacks.So Echo can play song in every room or different songs in different rooms.

Google home on the other hand can play from handful of sources like Google play music, spotify, pandora.Most importantly google home can’t play music from prime music.

Amazon alexa sometimes play songs or snippets of music. Google home plays complete songs from play music by default.

Voice recognition and voice match 

Both amazon echo and google home recognise voice from anywhere in the room.Echo sometimes recognises voice even while your music is cranking up in the room.

Amazon alexa can be trained to recognise your voice through the Alexa app.

Alexa can respond to you with custom tailored answers based on previous history of records.

You can also set up a voice pin to authenticate your purchases from Amazon.

Google home also has voice match which can be set up to fine tune music and video recommendations.

Photos and Videos 

Considering both these devices are audio-only(with exception of echo show) they need a screen to cast photos or videos.

Google home can cast Youtube videos,Netflix shows, CBS, google photos and more.Google home needs  chromecast or TV with built-in chrome cast support.

Amazon echo on the other hand can cast videos, movies and tv shows to Fire TV.Echo supports third party video skills which can be added quite easily from the alexa app.

Additionally any chromecast audio app can be controlled from google home.

Smart home control

Both devices now offer smart home device support but Alexa clearly wins here.Alexa has already began rolling into so many devices, google home is late to the party.

Amazon echo offers supports for variety of smart home devices like Ecobee, philips hue ,Wemo and more. Google home helps you set routines similar to echo.

Both devices support variety of smart home devices like thermostats, bulbs and more.However Amazon alexa already has a huge list of partners, so its a winner here.

Getting traffic and commute information 

Google home crushes Alexa in this aspect as it has wealth of local data powered by waze and google maps.Google home provides accurate information and ETA based on your current location.

Online shopping and tracking packages

As most of our online shopping is on Amazon, alexa can track your packages, order products from amazon or even cancel them.

Amazon has a competitive edge over Google in this aspect coz we all know nothing can match amazon’s huge catalogue of products and online services linked to prime membership.

Google home can’t provide information on packages yet but I’m sure google will add it in the near future.

Local information and knowledge 

Amazon can’t beat Google’s knowledge graph no matter how smart Alexa gets.Google provides real world information more accurately.

Google home can also give some local recommendations which alexa can’t.

Third party App support 

Alexa offers skills and google assistant has apps that extend possibilities of both echo and home respectively.

As of now Amazon echo has higher number of skills compared to google home, that may change very soon.

Setting Reminders 

Google home can set reminders and sync em across devices using google keep.Amazon echo can set reminders and you can view em in Alexa app.

Become a better cook 

Not only in the living room, google home can help you cook from various sources such as buzzfeed, nytimes and so on.

Alexa doesn’t have built-in support but you can use several alexa skills for cooking.

Google assistant walks you through steps and also plays music along with it if you want more naturally.Google home clearly wins the kitchen here.

Playing audiobooks or reading out books loud

Google home can only read books purchased from its official play books store.Echo can read out books from kindle or audible.

Echo can even play audiobooks.My personal favourite here is echo as I use kindle as my go to source for all my book reading needs.

The Final verdict in Echo vs google home 

With that being said, both are very compelling devices and it depends on which ecosystem you’re really into.

If you’re really into amazon eco system and really love to use wide variety of smart home devices echo is for you.

If you’re more of a google person, an android user you could choose Google home over echo.

For complete list of google home commands visit here.

Additional things to consider

Can Amazon echo play google music 

Definitely no.Google doesn’t like to support Amazon echo system as they both are hardcore competitors.Amazon doesn’t sell google home speakers on its online story.

Amazon Fire tablets don’t have access to youtube and other google services.

Can google home play amazon prime music

Again, no.Just like the reasons mentioned above the same applies here.








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