Heard of Amazon’s cloud based assistant alexa ?So you’re like me thinking  “What can Alexa do?!” Here’s the list of my favourite Alexa tips and tricks.

Alexa enabled Echo devices
Alexa enabled Echo devices

9. Change Wake Word

I know we’ve all got used to calling Alexa and firing up our queries but if you’re really bored of saying Alexa and customise the wake word you really can.You can choose between Amazon,Alexa and Echo for now.

Open Alexa App and go to Menu ->Settings ->Your device Name ->Select Wake Word ->Save

8. Get your daily News Update

You can get Alexa read out the news for you.Just say “Alexa,what’s in the news” or “Alexa flash briefing ” and Alexa will start reading out news for you and also Audio if that’s available on that particular source say CNET for example. While Alexa reads out the news for you a link to that article may appear in Alexa App on your smartphone.Alexa may even play video if available on compatible devices such as Echo show.

Add third party news skills as per your wish by going to Menu -> Accounts->Flash briefing ->Toggle SourceName in the Alexa app.

You can also customise news sources by editing the order or even by adding more by heading over to Menu -> Accounts->Flash briefing ->Get More Flash Briefing content .

7. Create voice profiles

If you’re using your echo speaker or a compatible Alexa device you may want to set up voice profile so that Alexa can cater to your personal preferences based on what it learnt about you.

To do so go to Menu ->Settings ->Accounts ->Your Voice ->Select begin->Select the device ->Next

6. Call your friends and family

Amazon’s answer to Apple’s iMessage is Alexa calling and messaging.You can simply ask Alexa to call anyone in your contact list or message them by saying their name or phone number with complete area code.The only downside of this feature is that it works only in US,Canada and Mexico for now and Amazon promised to expand this service to other countries in the coming future given the vast customer base it has world-wide.

Open Conversations tab from bottom menu ->Verify your phone number

Now once you’re done setting up your phone number you can call or Message your friends.There are Alexa-Alexa calls meaning calls made between compatible Alexa devices or even Alexa App itself.Unfortunately Alexa can’t call emergency services like 911 for now.You can also call any mobile or landline number either by saying the number or simply saying the contact name.

For more in-depth info on Alexa calling click here. Please note that for Alexa-alexa calling and messaging to work the contact you’re trying to reach should be using the service as well.Alexa can send SMS as well and this feature works on only Android phone, this will use your existing carrier plan.

5. Connect a Bluetooth device

People who bought Echo Plus or Second generation Echo device may not have any complaints regarding sound quality,however if you wish to upgrade your listening experience you can connect a bluetooth device to Alexa. Alexa takes input from built-in microphone as usual and routes the audio output to your Bluetooth speaker.How cool is that,huh ?!

Remember you just need to pair it once and next time you can say Alexa connect to my Bluetooth Speaker.

To add a new Bluetooth device ,press pairing button on the Bluetooth device and Open Alexa App Go to Settings ->Bluetooth ->Pair a new device -> select device.

4. Change your default music service

Not a big fan of Prime music ?! Amazon offers you the ability to choose the service that suits your personal taste.Start over by just linking your Spotify account as below

Settings -> Music and Media ->Link Account to Alexa ->Authenticate and you’re now all set up.

Now Customise your default preferences by heading over to Settings ->Accounts ->Music and Media ->Choose your preferred service.

Next time you say “Alexa Play 90s music” or “Alexa Play rock” Alexa will stream music from that particular service.

3. Summon Uber with your voice

Are you too lazy to book a cab?Alexa’s at your service.First enable Uber Skill by going to

Skills->Search -> Uber ->Enable ->Authenticate with your account credentials.

The skill will ask you to set up default pick up location and you can be more specific to Alexa by saying Work or Home.

You can just say Alexa get me an Uber to some location.

2. Shop with your voice

Why would Amazon make something that doesn’t let people buy more from its own website?This is why Amazon sucks you into its vibrant echo system and unbeatable online store. You can say Alexa buy Diapers and Alexa searches and reads out options and cost of each item. Alexa can even tell you specific details about your placed orders like “Alexa when am I getting my order”.Sounds fun doesn’t it ?

1. Enable Other Skills with your voice

Simply say Alexa enable skillname  and alexa activates the skill for you and in case its a service you may need to verify your login credentials.







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