Amazon Prime Video : Content is the king.

    Amazon Prime Video
    Amazon Prime Video

    Just like that Amazon entered the streaming game while Apple was just figuring out what’s the next big thing for video.The next big thing for video is On-Demand video streaming irrespective of the platform user currently watching the content from.

    I’m a big fan of Amazon prime goodies,honeslty.Ranging from prime delivery speeds to discounts ,exclusive availability and freebies that come with Amazon prime membership.Amazon has got me locked to its services just like Apple and Google did.

    From Amazon exclusives such as Kenny Sebastian stand up specials to TV shows such as Two and half men, The late late show with James Corden,House of Lies to Amazon originals such as Patriot,The kicks ,BOSCH Amazon has a plenty to offer.

    I personally feel Amazon Prime Video fits right in the bang for buck category.The interface on mobile app is a breeze and Content is the king here also presented with a search bar where you can search the catalogues available on the service.

    Best of all you can download or add movies to your watchlist if you are busy buying some groceries on Amazon Pantry,just kidding .You can also watch it on Mobile, Web or PC.Amazon got you covered.