What’s new:Android N features


Android N features are evolutionary rather than revolutionary mainly focusing on fundamental problems that android users face like battery issues,speed and better multitasking. Here are the list of Android N features you need to know.

Faster,Secure and Easier Updates

With Android 7 Google wants to make it easier for users to update their phones by running background update process in the background.Google says this update focuses on various bug fixes and security updates needed to keep android devices same.Also Google is said to optimise the overall performance in Android N features list.

Battery improvements 

Google has something called project doze that was made better from the previous version Android Marshmallow that reduces background usage of certain apps that unnecessarily.However users can whitelist apps their favourite Apps to update the background content on the go.

Android N features
Android N features


Cellular Data usage improvements

Google certainly wants to help you cut down on your data bills.Android N helps restrict mobile data usage and when active you have a prompt in notification center to know its active.

Improved Emojis

Android N brings wide varieties of emojis and human emojis were redesigned slightly to look better as its an open secret that Android’s emojis look cartoony.Overall Android N has 1500 emojis in total.

Android N features

Split-screen multitasking 

Hold down recents button to bring up a separate pane in which you can select another app.You can even resize one of the apps to the window size you want.However developers need to update their app to work with split screen multitasking.

Quickly switch between Apps

Quickly double tap the recents button to switch to the previous app.Its just like Alt+Tab on windows.

Accessibly improvements 

Various accessibility features like setting screen to custom resolution,changing text size on the screen,talkback,Zoom are aimed to make android phones running Android N accessible for all.

Accessibility features in Android N

Google Assistant 

This one is not quite available to all yet but whichever phones come shipped with Android N have it. Google assistant was killer feature when it was released initially with Pixel phones.With it you can ask question, call, send messages, manage every day tasks and even more.

Google Assistant
Google Assistant
Better Notifications 

Now with Android nougat quick replies are available for all apps you can send in your replies right from the notification center. Notifications from the same app can be bundled together to better manage altogether.

Daydream VR platform 

Daydream VR is a actually a spec that is supported system wide to better display and improve the performance of virtual reality devices.It comes with Android N out of the box.