Top Android O features you must know

android O
android O

Google has recently announced its most ambitious plans for android platform at Google I/O 2017.Here are the list of some great Android O features that are worth checking out

Android O

1Notification Dots

Whenever you have a notification for an app a lil dot appears on top of the App icon telling you there’s a notification and you can long press the App icon to reveal the actual notification on top of the icon along with quick actions already present in android nougat.

2Notification Channels

Apps in Android O can now have different sections of notifications for different functions or sections in the same app.let’s say youtube can show all your subscribed channels’ posts under one section and trending videos in another section.You can even snooze notifications of a particular app.

3Chrome Autofill

Now the passwords and usernames you saved in chrome can be accessed by other apps that support it.There’s also an API to let password manager apps like lastpass to work more seamlessly throughout the OS.

4Custom Lock screen Shortcuts

Now you can customise the left and right shortcuts that appear on the lockscreen.A lot of third party launchers like nova launcher already support this so its a no brainer for Google to add it now.

Smart selection

5Smart selection using machine learning model

Now to select text,phone number, address,email you can quickly double tap anywhere on the line to select it correctly and the OS will also suggest the appropriate app to open it.When you select an address the system will suggest google maps ,for phone number the phone  app and so on.

6Google Assistant improvements

Google Assistant in Android O can see the world around and sense it using what google calls Google lens and provides info about it like landmarks, shops, restaurants and even connect to your wifi router by analysing the username and password.


7Revamped Settings

Settings App is tweaked visually and now various sections have been cleaned up.Developer Options can be found under system settings ,Screen and Screen lock can be found together and bluetooth,nfc settings come under Connected devices section.


8Picture in picture

Now when your watching a video on Youtube or Vimeo you can press the home button to pop out the window and continue to multitask while you watch the video.Neat stuff isn’t it?







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