Top reasons why android p is more than just a minor upgrade

android p

Android p is out and it has got many minor tweaks and changes.However it does have great new features.

Here’s the list of our favourite features in Android p that we’re really excited about.

Top notch support 

We all laughed when Apple released iPhone X with notch.It seems that this notch is the next big design change in smartphones to come out in 2018.

Android P supports notch at system level.Developers can see how their Apps look in the presence of a notch.Google terms this as display cutout support.

Under developer options, drawing section there are various types of notches to choose from.This is a clear sign that future android phones will come with the notch.

Oneplus 6 is rumoured to have the notch.Huawei P20 already has the notch.

Security improvements 

Android P now encrypts all your backups on client side with your pin, pattern or whatever unlock method you choose.Android P also restricts background use of sensors like microphone and camera.

Google also makes some under the hood improvements.

Indoor positioning 

Android P apps can precisely locate users upto 1-2 meters.Users need to have their wifi scanning turned on and app must location privileges.

This could be a huge deal for apps to provide indoor map navigation in malls and airports,triggger smart home routines based on the location.

Notification improvements 

Android p has support for enhanced notifications.When you finish typing in a quick reply, you can also see a bit of your previous replies.

Notifications can also show images and in-line typing experience should make it more easy for users.

As on Android oreo, users can block certain or all of notification channels from apps.

Multi camera support 

Android p now supports capturing data from multiple cameras.Obviously, this a feature that mainly supports dual cameras.

A lot of latest smartphones such as galaxy s9 plus , huawei P20 all have dual have cameras.This OS level optimisation could result in apps supporting various dual camera effects for creative artist and causal users as well.

HEIF and HDR support 

Apple already supports HEIC, their own version of HEIC in iOS 11.Android P now has HEIF support which results in maintaining same quality in images at almost half the size.

HDR, a feature supported on high end smartphone like Galaxy s9 is now released at a system level.

Bottom line : Expect great OLED screen smartphones with outstanding quality in the coming months.

Neural Networks API

This would allow android phones to perform on device processing of various AI and machine learning related tasks.

This would also improve the performance of various smartphones when it comes to computationally intensive tasks.

Orientation Toggle 

You can disable oreintaion system wide. However, you can now override it when needed.A new rotation button appears along with system indicators.

New Lockdown Mode

Android p now features a lockdown mode.When enabled it displays a lockdown option when you press and hold power button.

Lockdown mode disables all biometric methods of authentication requiring you to enter a pin or pattern.

Redesigned media controls 

Volume controls and vibration modes appear on the right side of the display now.Again this may be a feature to support usability on phones with notches.

Tweaked UI

The whole UI is slightly tweaked with every element such as the dock and quick settings bar being more rounded.The quick settings toggles now get highlighted in blue.

There’s even a lighter font and minor visual tweaks elsewhere.

Better Screenshot tools

Android p adds support for in-line markup for screenshots taken right away.

We will update this post if we find any new features so stay tuned.As far as the name is concerned, it might be android peppermint.







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