Apple AirPods review and Apple W1 chip


Apple has removed headphone jack on iPhone 7 and people started freaking out about it.Well their answer to removing headphone jack was “Wireless is the future “.Yeah that’s true we now have payments enabled smartphones through NFC,Location sharing using ibeacon used to precisely locate users.Some people mocked AirPods saying they look like dental floss and maybe right.But why AirPods ?Lets find out.


They look like EarPods with wires cut down.They look very familiar in design and they sit in the charging case which itself can be charged using lighting cable that’s included in the box.Each AirPod’s dimensions are 16.5 by 18.0 by 40.5 mm and the case has dimensions 44.3 by 21.3 by 53.5 mm.
They’re cylindrical looking earbuds that either fit in or don’t fit at all based on the type of the ear size and shape you have.Unlike Beats X,they don’t have different tips for different ear sizes.Airpods are very light weighing 4 grams each and the case weighs 38 grams meaning they’re ultra portable.


Connection And Sync

Apple made it really clear AirPods work just like magic get the case near your iPhone pop the buds out of the case and automagically connects to your iPhone and once connected the connection is synced to all your Apple devices signed in with your Apple ID.Basically they work on bluetooth technology in conjunction with Apple W1 chip.

Audio Quality

The sound quality is pretty decent.They’re clear sounding earphones with excellent call quality.While in noisy environments they may not sound that well because they aren’t like earbuds that seal your ear.


There are motion detecting accelerometer to auto play or pause and speech detecting accelerometer mainly for  Siri and Phone calls.Airpods have Dual Optical sensors and also have Dual beam forming microphones to hear your voice commands clearly by cutting out that ambient noise around you.


You get 2 hours of talk time and 4 hours of listening time on full charge of AirPods and with the charging case around you can easily get 24 hours of juice.Charge it for 15 minutes and you get 3 hours of listening time, kinda like quick-charge.

W1 chip

The star of the show that shines really well here is the Apple designed custom W1 chip.The chip helps in maintaining consistent connection with your device and also optimises the power management so that you could get more juice out of your AirPods. You can find this chip on PowerBeats3 Wireless,Solo3 Wireless and also the recently announced Beats X.

Final verdict

AirPods are step towards future however there are also better alternatives like PowerBeats3 Wireless and Beats X.At this price you’re getting best sound quality,seamless pairing between devices.However there are alternatives to it like Bragi’s dash and Doppler labs’ Here one.At this price and the all the features it provides AirPods are the best wireless earbuds of this size.

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