Apple hires former NASA Augmented reality expert to work on its AR glasses for its iPhone 8 and Smartglasses

Microsoft Hololens
Microsoft Hololens

Apple is rumoured to be working on AR smart glasses.Apple is on hiring spree in Augmented Reality field with the company snapping up many AR experts from Oculus,Magic Leap and Nick Thompson an audio engineer who worked on Microsoft’s Hololens.Now Apple reportedly hired Jeff Noris who was an Augmented reality expert at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab according to Bloomberg.

Augemented reality application on iPad

Noris will help Apple in its Augmented reality efforts that may show up in this year’s flagship iPhone X or iPhone Edition.Apple is said to create team of experts to develop several AR related features.Tim Cook on several occasions expressed his interest in AR quoting its a big idea like the smartphone in an interview with The Independent.

Apple also snapped up various Augmented reality firms Metaio and more.Apple’s vision is clear here.It believes AR is the next big interface that could change the way we interact with computers and Smartphones.