Apple is supercharging Apple Watch with watchOS 4


Got an Apple Watch lately Series 1 or Series 2. Fitness freak ?!Here’s the list of features coming for your Apple Watch with WatchOS 4.

  • New Passcode UI with Animation and lighter click sounds when you unlock Apple Watch.
  • Vertically Scrolling Dock interface.Now your dock includes all your recent apps that can be scrolled by digital crown.
  • List View in Apps Layout.Now you can choose between grid view and list view while viewing your apps and list views displays all apps in chronological order.
  • New Siri watch face that proactively displays cards based on usage habits, time and location tailored personally to your interests such as news, calendar appointments,alarms.
  • The New Kaleidoscope Watch face that can be created with your own photos giving you the tripping effect when you rotate the digital crown.
  • Toy story watch faces are coming with lil animated videos every time you raise your wrist.
  • Switch between watch faces using digital crown when you force touch on your current watch face.
  • Person to person payments in iMessage mirroring iPhone functionality by double clicking the side button.
  • New numeric keypad in phone app on Apple Watch.
  • Redesigned Music App with auto-syncing playlists and new card based UI.
  • Sync multiple playlists to Apple Watch.
  • Music Controls in the workout app.
  • Redesigned workout app to include new high intensity workouts, improved swim tracking.
  • New Activity challenges to keep you motivated on daily basis,monthly basis and based on what you have achieved so far.
  • Play Music while automatically starting a workout.
  • News App to include byte sized previews on your watch.
  • Camera remote can now take shots in portrait mode,slow-Mo,timelapse all from your wrist using your iPhone’s camera.
  • Flashlight in control center including a red screen to signal about emergency.
  • Connect with Gym equipments using express connect via NFC for easier exchange of data.
  • For more Follow this link.