Apple watch vs Fitbit :Still confused which one to choose?

apple watch vs fitbit

If you’re looking on amazon or elsewhere to buy a smartwatch, you may have just one question.Apple watch or Fitbit?While fitbit is more on the affordable side, Apple watch dominates the overall market. Both of em offer compelling features but answering “Apple watch vs fibit” isn’t simple.

Apple watch offers 3 generations of variants already.Fibit has its own army of wearables.

This post should clear all the questions you had about which device to choose.I’m gonna compare devices in logical order, price and features they offer.

Apple watch 2 vs Fitbit charge 2

Apple watch 2 is swimproof and doesn’t have sleep tracking or GPS.However Apple watch 2 can connect to third party accessories to track and record your sleep.

It relies heavily on iPhone to make phone calls,send messages and more.However it has built-in heart rate monitor and tracks various kinds of exercises.

Apple software offers lot of features such as third party apps,siri voice control and even controlling your home.

Series 2 can take spills, drowns in the pool and more.Apple no longer sells series 2.You can get it from bestbuy or amazon.

In fact even Apple watch series 1 can be submerged in water and used while swimming.

Apple watch 2 is an extremely well built hardware.There are plenty of first party and third party watch bands to choose from,such as these gorgeous wooden bands.

Apple watch 2 has NFC activated for Apple pay and is superior to charge 2 in this context.Apple watch 2 trades around $270-$290 on amazon, apple and more.

Fitbit Charge 2, on the other hand has great features you can expect from fitbit.It has sleep tracking built in,continuous exercise tracking and you can view notifications(you can’t interact though).

Fibit’s app is realible just like apple’s workout although fitbit logs all your exercises automatically.

There are not many third party bands available for charge 2 as it relatively low on sales numbers.You can customise clock faces and swap out some bands and that’s it.

You can’t talk to you charge 2 to do things like recording voice messages, finding  restaurants or controlling your home.

Charge 2 does what it does best.It’s a fitness tracker that logs steps and exercises, has heart-rate monitor and a well built app ecosystem that’s kinda limited.

If you’re in the market looking for a cheaper fitness tracker without any smartwatch functionalities, you can get it at just around $150.At this price you wouldn’t even get an entry level apple watch that goes upto $249.

Charge 2 battery lasts upto 4 days compared to Apple watch’s day on moderate usage.

So If you wanna do stuff like controlling your home gadgets, answer calls and more Apple watch is clear winner.If you just wanna track your workout data and check our notifications Charge 2 is an affordable option.

Apple watch vs Fitbit Alta

Apple watch series 1 has all the features Fitbit alta HR offers, except sleep tracking.Apple watch series 1 is still expensive at $250 and doesn’t have GPS or cellular radio built in.

Fibit Alta HR offers everything that Fitbit charge 2 offers, but in a slimmer design and at a more affordable price tag.

Fitbit Alta HR costs around $129 and is easily the budget friendly champ here.Apple watch series 2 doesn’t offer sleep tracking though there are some third party apps and accessories to achieve it.

Apple watch vs Fitbit Ionic

apple watch vs fitbit

Apple Watch 3 is Apple’s latest and greatest smartwatch to date.It’s got a faster processor, W2 chip for better wireless connections,NFC for Apple Pay.

The most important features in Apple watch 3 are LTE support and GPS.GPS only model starts at $329 and LTE equipped starts at $399.

Apple watch 3 is also easily most advanced smartwatch.You can make direct calls and send messages without a nearby iPhone.Apple watch can stream music from Apple music using LTE.

Fitbit Ionic is Fibit’s answer to Apple Watch Built-in GPS, multi day battery life, sleep tracking and fineness tracking.

Ionic can also store songs on the go however you need to sync these songs from a computer.It weirdly streams from Pandora instead of Spotify.You can even pay for things using Fitbit Pay though number of supporting banks is less for now.

Design-wise Apple watch clearly makes the statement with stainless steel offerings and more.Fibit Ionic tries to be a fitbit first and then a smartwatch.

If you want a budget friendly device you should go with Ionic which offers great functionalities and future-proof features.But if you want the best experience, smart home automation and a powerful smartwatch that can do more you should go with Apple watch.

Ionic costs $269 and Apple watch 3 GPS+cellular costs around $399.

Apple watch vs Fitbit: Final Verdict

If you’re in the market for the best smartwatch that can control your smart home products, make phone calls, track fitness with great accuracy and more look no further than Apple Watch.With added LTE and GPS options Apple Watch 3 is the king of smartwatches.





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