Apple working on advanced glucose sensors to track blood sugar levels using Apple watch


Apple fans rejoice.Apple is onto something really cool.According to a report Apple has set of biomedical engineers working on glucose sensors that track sugar levels in blood using apple watch continuously.Apple has been aggressively pushing new technologies to Medical field such as Carekit and ResearchKit.

As of now Apple first foray into health segment was with Apple watch when it introduced heart rate Tracking in Apple Watch.Tim Cook recently hinted that more things are to comer from Apple in the health field.Apple touts its Apple Watch as daily health companion to stay fit and healthy.So it comes as no brainer that Apple indeed working on tracking Diabetes to the best possible level.It was Steve jobs’ vision to introduce a device that can change the way health metrics can be tracked and track body vitals to prevent various diseases from occurring and also the bridge between the broken health systems.

The Diabetes research team is done with developing the device and is said to be conducting feasibility tests in Palo Alto,California.Apple previously hired people with biomedical expertise such as C8 MediSensors.


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