Apple’s distortion of reality magic


Apple products are expensive.Yeah,thats a commonly heard thing about iPhones.Then why does apple beat its own records and estimates and sell record-breaking iPhones?The answer is unlike android phone makers that just sell hardware,Apple sells hardware, software and services bundled into one brilliant piece of engineering.Not only they optimise software to go well with their hardware,they integrate services deeply into their ecosystem.

Apple said they view all the devices as computers in their own form factor whether it may be apple watch,iphone, Macboook or the recently announced fourth gen Apple tv.

Combine that with the unbeatable expertise in optimising chip architecture to make software run seamlessly,Apple fools people with distortion of reality justifying  the high price.


Apple loves to reinvent stuff.Apple has a vibrant ecosystem of apps which are quality checked.Users love it.They just want things that work.

In case something goes wrong Apple Support is just a step away.Unlike android manufacturers,apple makes its own software complementing its hardware and design as well.



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