Best email App for iPhone

    email by easilydo Inc.
    email by easilydo Inc.

    Email by Easilydo Inc. is the best iPhone email app.Period.This easily knocks Apple’s stock email app out of water and is also one of the fastest gmail clients that I’ve tested.

    Recently the App has been updated to take advantage of TouchID And the App works just like fluid on Apple watch.The sync feature is very accurate and almost loads instantly.

    There’s an Assistant that can automatically filter emails into various categories such as Subscriptions,Travel,Packages,Bills and Receipts and Entertainment.


    The gestures on the such as Swipe left and right can customised to your heart’s content.Touch and hold on any mail to bulk select emails you want to flag, move or delete.

    The feature I love the most is the unsubscribe option on top of mailing lists.You can even unsend the email within few seconds after sending it.Sounds cool, huh?!


    Don’t just wait you can also get it from here now.