Best FaceTime Alternative:Top 5 Options for iOS Users[2018]

    facetime alternative

    FaceTime is undoubtedly the best way to video call on Apple devices. Here are some best FaceTime Alternative options available on the App Store.

    Given FaceTime’s limitations such as the absence of group video calling, video effects you can pick from one of the options from below.


    Arguably this is the best FaceTime alternative. It is available across a variety of devices from iPhones, Android, Desktop and even on Xbox devices.

    Skype has integrated messaging that lets you send Gifs, stickers and emojis. Along with that, you can send photos in real time.

    best facetime alternativeGroup calling allows you to call more than one person at a time.FaceTime doesn’t even support group video calling yet.

    Recently Skype added Snapchat styled stories that stay for 7 days before disappearing. Skype also supports international calling, SMS at reasonable rates.

    Skype is like iMessage, FaceTime and phone app baked into a slick package.And it just gets better with features like callerID.Get Skype.

    Google Duo

    Duo is Google’s answer to Apple’s FaceTime.It focuses on simplicity rather than feature set.And Duo boast crystal clear video calls, which is almost on par with FaceTime.

    facetime alternativeApart from video calls, Duo lets you send short video messages from within the app. Duo is available for both Android and iPhone.Get Google Duo.

    Facebook Messenger

    Messenger is the mother of all apps with tonnes of features. Also, Messenger is a standalone app with millions of users.

    And Messenger lets you send stickers, make voice calls, doodle, play games and more. Messenger is a platform in itself.

    good facetime alternativeThird party extensions allow you to play games, edit photos and send payments from within the app itself.

    However, ads show up in between your conversations. You may have to trade a bit of your privacy for Facebook’s free services.

    But make no mistake Messenger is one of the best FaceTime alternatives. It is available for Android and iOS, and through website.


    It is popular for sending messages and media. This app also has video calling feature.

    Also, it is easy to use and has cross-platform availability(only phones). Whatsapp is a good FaceTime alternative. Whatsapp also allows you to share locations, contacts and more.

    Download Whatsapp from here.

    Which one do you think is the best FaceTime alternative? Let us know in the comments below.

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    1. One of the best Facetime alternative is: R-HUB HD video conferencing servers. It provides 30 way HD video calling. Plus works on all platforms viz Windows, MAC, Android, iOS etc.


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