Looking for best games on App store ? We’ve got you covered.

best games on app store

You’ll love your iPhone after playing some of the graphic intense and some fun casual games.App store has got some excellent titles.

In this post I’ll list the best games you can get on the App store.These are the games I personally play and love on my iPhone X.

AG drive

This game has got some excellent visuals for iPhone.The sound effects are immersive.Race your way through super futuristic cities.

This game has superior graphics that’ll make you love it.

There are also number of various levels and difficulties in this game.I bet you can never get enough of this game.

Shadow fight 3

This is one of the awesome 3D games you can find on App store.

Fight your opponent, upgrade your armoury and perform special attacks just with a swipe of your finger.

This game is so addictive you will not stop playing it, once you start.

Hands down this is one the best games that you can find on the App Store.

Table Tennis Touch by yakuto

This 1st person table tennis game is so amazing.It’s editor’s choice and even won apple design awards.

There are career, quick game , multiplayer and mana other modes.

You can also play with different objects swing, spin and smash and play.

The background music for this game is so minimal.If you don’t have this game you should have it.

Badland 2

A sequel to the original game, this game is a must have for any new iPhone user.It has won numerous awards and gained excellent ratings from critics.

There are various levels,challenges and amazing gameplay elements like frost, magma , burning light and so much more.

Its a bit on the expensive side though but go grab it.If you wanna wait you can add it to your wishlist.

Duet game

This is one of the viral games which is minimal and equally challenging.This game is a test for your reflexes.

Dodge and avoid colour coded blocks and advance your way through it.

Riptide Gp:Renegade

This game is probably the best water racing game available for iPhone.It has now been optimised for iPhone X as well.

This adrenaline pumping race game has realistic 3D graphics, intense background music and more.

You can customise your jets, increase abilities and do more.I’d say just go for it.

Leo’s Fortune

Its a gorgeous game which is well optimised for all iPhone resolutions.Interesting gameplay elements, turns , obstacles make some levels real challenging .

It is a widely appreciated game and also App store editor’s choice.

If you’re not playing this game then you’re missing out on lot of fun.

Infinity Blade 3

This graphic intense action adventure game is powered by unreal engine.If you wanna test the limits of your iphone processor this is the game you must be playing.

It is a journey to a mysterious world where you fight godly creatures and beasts by upgrading your armour and endurance.

This game has set a benchmark for graphics in mobile gaming.Apple even used it to demo the graphic performance of their iPhones during several keynotes.

Mark my words.You can’t a find a better action game than this on iPhone. Period.

I still remember those days when I first got iPhone 4S and I used to play this game for hours together.


There has never been a pinball game, so colourful as this one.This game’s splash of colours is a joy to play.

Gameplay are very carefully crafted and designed.I’m sure you’ll never get bored of this game.

Dead Trigger 2

Fan of zombie shooting ?!Then you should get this game.Its an excellent FPS game.

Time to get into zombie apocalypse mode already.Go get this game and best thing is its free.

Marvel Contest of the Champions

Don’t you wanna just hulk smash your opponents.Play as your favourite marvel superheroes in this amazing game.

Fight your opponents and be the champion.It has got some amazing graphics and moreover who doesn’t want to be hulk or thor ?

Super Mario Run

Any Nintendo fans here ?But if you’re still waiting for many Nintendo games such as Mario Kart Deluxe and Mario Odyssey then you’re out of luck.

Following the huge success of Nintendo switch , Nintendo felt there’s no need to port games now.

But if you wanna be mario in Apple kingdom then you can be that.Its an amazing game and Its a huge App store hit.


Thanks to Microsoft, you can play Minecraft on your iPhone as well.The best part is that the game is synced across all your devices.

I’ll compile a separate list of top free games for iPhone and best apps for iPhone.

So stay tuned and keep checking the blog regularly.





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