Best iOS Apps you need to download right away

best iOS Apps

Apple’s App Store is full of Apps and you maybe having hard time picking up the best iOS Apps which is why we’re here to help.After being an iPhone user for nearly 7 years here are the Apps I recommend to anyone using an iPhone or iPad.

1Workflow: powerful automation made simple

This is one is the first App that should be on your iPhone.It has over 200 actions that you can choose from to create a workflow like Make animated GIFs ,Get directions to your favourite coffee shop in one Tap,Make PDFs and so much more.This App is recently bought by Apple and is available for free. Go get it.


Uber is in over 90 countries and helps you get a cab with just a tap anywhere or even share your ride with other passengers for less charge and is the best taxi app ever.It even works with Siri so you can ask Siri to summon Uber for you.Cool huh?!

3Google Maps

Apple has been adding loads of features to Apple Maps but no matter what Google Maps is the ultimate Navigation App which can help you locate Gas,ATMs,Shops all within the App.Contact businesses within App and even see the working hours,Turn by turn Navigation and Offline Areas and so much more.No doubt its called King of Maps.


Yeah the Stock Phone App has some spam identification but remember true caller has been doing this for years ,has huge database of callers,Has live tracking ID with iOS 10 and you can search from within the Phone App using the share sheet.

5Email by EasilyDo Mail

This App has built in assistant to track your packages, flights,reservations and more, enabled with TouchID protection,fastest search ever on a Mail App on iPhone,Custom gesture,Snooze mails to view later and more.This is the best email App.Period.


You should already be having this App on your iPhone.This is ultra popular because of its bite sized stories and videos from various categories and sources.You can toss a story to share it with friends on other platforms via Facebook.


This App is one of the most featured loaded app to stay in touch with family and friends, you can share photos,live stream from your location, follow brands ,edit photos,check-in to let your friends now.Facebook is a social media rockstar.


Google App is the best google has to offer starting from tracking your flight info ,bills and payments and everything you need at the moment.You can use your voice to search from anywhere, just say “hey google”.


The best photo editing app you can get on the App Store includes various professional features such as brushes,cruves tool, erase and so much more.Apple also loves the App it is showcased during various WWDC sessions.


Netflix is the ultimate solution to your binge watching needs sporting vast collections of Movies,Tv shows and it’s own content created.