AirPods review : Best iPhone 7 headphones ever ?


Ok now the rumour mill is high and you may still be asking yourself what are the best iPhone 7 headphones ever ?Well the answer is not that simple considering the limitations accounted with truly wireless headphones.Apple AirPods are undoubtedly the best truly wireless headphones.Here’s what I found after using them almost for a month.


Best iPhone 7 headphones
Best iPhone 7 headphones

AirPods look ridiculous to some people and may not fit everyone in the world.People even say AirPods Case looks like dental floss.Jokes apart, the AirPods’ design is sheer genius.The cylindrical design is meant to bring the beam forming microphones close to the mouth which have noise cancellation built into each one of them.As there are no wires pulling them down if they fit your ears well they’re not gonna fall down for most of the time.They have IR sensors  built-in to detect if they’re placed in the ears.

AirPods Case is designed to house AirPods and also charge them while they’re placed in.The metallic contacts are magnetically attached to the pins inside the case that charges them.The case also closes and stays still magnetically.What I also find is that the AirPods case resembles App icons on iPhone with rounded corners.

Too much attention to detail,huh?!AirPods are easily the most portable wireless headphones for iPhone.Period.

Syncing and Connectivity

For the first time all you have to do is to turn on bluetooth on your iPhone (iOS 10 needed)and  open the case brining it near the iPhone.You’re welcomed with an animated pop up asking you to connect and boom that’s it.You’re ready to go.It’s truly magical.

Syncing is magical too, just open the case and put the AirPods(or even one) in your and they’re instantly connected.It can’t get better than that.And the connection is also propagated through iCloud meaning it’s setup on all your devices without the need for you to do anything.If you want to connect it another iPhone or a device just press the button on your case and connect using bluetooth.

The connectivity is rock solid with upto 50 feet range provided although sound break when obstacles are encountered.

Motion Accelerometers detect double tap and activate Siri with which you can interact with your devices while voice accelerometers along with beam forming microphones detect your voice and process it.

Battery Life

AirPods have Apple W1 chip which in my tests gave upto 4 hours of battery life which is backed up by the case to give around 24 hours.The Case needs to be charged with AirPods in them.W1 chip is working round the clock with iOS to optimise battery and to provide persistent connection with the AirPods.When You pop open the case a dialog box shows how much charge is left in AirPods and case separately.

If you pull one AirPod out it’ll show the charge per Pod.You can also check the battery status of AirPods using battery widget when they’re in your ear.

best iPhone 7 headphones
best iPhone 7 headphones

Sound quality

Hands down AirPods have the best quality for any truly wireless headphones of this size which include Bragi’s Dash, Doppler Labs’ Here and others.It’s slightly dull on lower frequencies but if you crank up the volume to more than 50% you can clearly hear the bass  and sounds clearly.

AirPods won’t win over Apple’s own Beats or Bose headphones but they’re definitely a worthy competitor,given the convenience and portability due to the form factor.They offer crystal clear call quality and one of the best sounds in the market.


AirPods are one of the brilliant pieces of tech designed and developed by Apple in recent times.There’s truly groundbreaking hardware engineering involved which is just the beginning of wireless feature that Apple envisions.

If you want to use AirPods for daily use other than fitness activities they’re a must buy especially if own an iPhone 7.If you’re an audiophile AirPods may not be for you, maybe you should go buy Beats or Bose wireless headphones.If you’re ok with the design and AirPods fit well in your ears AirPods will be worth your money.Go for it.