Best games : Here’s our favourite nintendo switch games list

nintendo switch games list
nintendo switch

In this post I’ll pick some of the most amazing games available for the switch.

While preparing this list I’ve excluded those games that are gonna be released soon, within months to be precise, with an exception of few games.

I wrote a separate post about that.You can check our other games list here.

I’ll write a separate post after reviewing those games once they become available .Let’s dive right in and see which games made it to my favourites list.

Fire Emblem Warriors 

nintendo switch games list

This is a hack n slash action roleplaying action multiplayer game developed for Nintendo switch in collaboration between studios behind Dynasty Warriors and Fire Emblem series.

This brings all the characters from several Fire Emblem games and they’re engaged in a intense quest to save the fire emblem from enemies.

This intense multiplayer uses loads of weaponry such as axes, lances and so on.All the characters support each other in defeating enemies and are rewarded for their bond.There are several other missions such as guiding villagers to safe path.

Most interesting elements include weapons’ triangle,classic weapons like bow and arrows and there are very cool gameplay elements in which characters fight together wound, heal and build their bond.

Fire Emblem warriors one of the most enticing games on the switch.Everything is so beautifully crafted and it looks so good on the switch.


nintendo switch games list

This is beautiful mystery solving adventure game that includes simple walk and talk style and solving puzzles navigating around the beautiful environments.

In case you didn’t know, it’s the story of a teenager called Alex who visits an island for holidays.Along with his two other friends they discover they unleashed paranormal activity on the island.Now,On the quest to solve the mystery they walk, discover and solve puzzles to find out what the force is and how to stop it.

This game entirely depends on the choices you make and it has multitude of possibilities.

What’s really interesting about this game is those speech bubbles, elegant graphics and the haptic feedback stand out and make it one of the compelling titles we recommend to our readers.

Pokken Tournament DX

nintendo switch games list

We all love pokemon, don’t we?This game is like our dream come true to fulfil all our pokemon fantasies.

It has story mode, online battles and you can use your skill points to increase abilities of your pokemon.This game has excellent music, intensive fighting mode and of course lots of hidden powers you can unlock after constant fighting and training.

This is one of the best fighting games for nintendo fans I’d highly recommend.

Puyo puyo tetris 

nintendo switch games list

This puzzle game is crossover between Puyo Puyo series and Tetris franchis.Players can choose either of styles to play.You either colour match your puyos or clear Tetriminoes in your classic Tetris style.

There are upto 5 modes in this game and upto 4 players can team up locally, multiplayer or online.In versus mode you solve your puyos or tetriminoes to pile up your opponent’s puzzle which sends garbage blocks to your opponent to defeat him.

In swap mode you have both puyos and tetris style blocks.

In party mode to you can uncover special power-ups.The big bang mode that contains elements from fever mode and lucky attack and adventure story mode.

It clearly has more depth than it looks from the outside.This a blockbuster fusion of puyo puyo and tetris franchises.You should already be owning this game by now.

Sonic mania

nintendo switch games list

This is one of the clever remixes of original sonic game.It offers tonnes of levels, super speedy gameplay mechanics and some fresh levels remastered for the switch.It’s one of the greatest


nintendo switch games list

Nintendo’s weirdly fun and addictive arms game is the one of the unique games ever for the switch.

In this game you play with customisable arms unlocking various new power-ups as you progress.This game also has multiplayer which is so much fun to play with. I’m still amazed how Nintendo took a boring concept and made it so much fun with unique gameplay mechanics and carefully crafted graphics.

This is one of the games that deserves your love on the switch.


nintendo switch games list

This rhythm based game got us with it’s cool neon graphics and soundtrack that guides you through various worlds.It’s so much fun and it’s worth your time and money.

The unique HD graphs and haptic feedback make it one of the cool games you may wanna own on your switch.

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