Here are some best iPhone tricks and tips(updated for iPhone X)

Animoji on iPhone X
Animoji on iPhone X

If you think your iPhone has limited set of features, you’re wrong.Apple includes lot of hidden features in your iPhone.Here are some best iPhone tricks for your shiny new iPhone X.

Super Slow mo

iPhone is one of the first smartphones to support slow crisp HD videos at 240 fps.Here’s how to enable it.

best iPhone tricks

Settings App -> Camera ->Record slo-mo and select 1080p at 240fps.

Enable App switcher

Apple recommends you to swipe up and hold to bring up the app switcher.Well you don’t really have to pause for few seconds.Start swiping up from bottom left portion of the screen and move right .Boom you app switcher open.

If you perform this action quicker you can get to your app switcher within no time.

Enable Attention aware features

Apple’s FaceID comes with a lot of goodies.Enable attention aware features to mute ringtone when you’re looking at your iPhone.

This feature also enables your to dim the screen only when you’re not looking at it.

Settings App ->General ->Accessibility ->Face ID and attention and turn on both options.

Make Animoji’s work in the dark

Although Apple claims Animoji requires TrueDepth camera module, it isn’t necessarily true.Your Animojis mayn’t work when you’re in a dark room.

You don’t have to turn on the light and disturb other people in the room.You can simply increase your brightness until you see animojis working.

Share Animojis with your Android friends

Apple wants your Android friends to buy an iPhone to use Animoji.They won’t, I know.Instead you can record Animojis and send as normal videos.

Fire up messages app on iPhone first.Open Animoji app(the one with monkey face) and record your video.Send it yourself and tap and hold on it until you save option.

Now you have your Animoji in your photos and you can share with your android friends however you want.

Enable shortcut for control center

Open Settings App and drag down from the middle of the screen until you see the search bar.Now type Assistive and Tap on Assistive Touch option.Tap again on Assistive touch. .Under custom options set all to none except 3D touch to control centre.

Whenever you want to enable Control center you just need to 3D Touch on Virtual home button.

Pro Tip:You can also drag this circle icon wherever you want on the screen.

Use FaceID after a failed attempt

While FaceID is hugely convenient it also has its own quirks.You may lift your phone to just check your time and FaceID mayn’t recognise your face based on the angle you’re holding iphone at.

Wanna activate FaceID again without swiping on the screen, just to check notifications? Yes, you can do it.

Simply Tilt your iPhone as if you’re gonna place it on a table and hold it upto your face.Boom!FaceID scans your face and shows your notifications after successful unlock.

Reminder: FaceID works extremely well in all natural angles you hold your phone at.You just have to look at your phone.I even tilt my phone sideways while lying on bed, for FaceID to scan my face successfully.

Uninterrupted Music listening experience

You’re iPhone is connected to premium sound systems such as JBL or Bose and all of a sudden your instagram notifications pause your music.Did this ever happen to you ?

There are two ways to avoid it.

One, you can enable Do not Disturb on your iPhone which mutes all your notifications.Two, simply toggle the mute switch on the side of your iPhone.You can still feel haptic feedback from your iPhone while your tunes blast out from the speakers.

Note: If you’re using Apple watch you may not worry coz notifications come right to your wrist.They won’t interrupt your music experience unless you’re streaming music from your apple watch itself.

Preserve camera settings

You may use some settings more frequently such as toggling live photos off or enabling filters to shoot your photo or video.You can have your iPhone remember your preferences for you.

Head over to settings app ->camera ->preserve settings and choose how you want.

Restore your deleted photos

I don’t if this a feature or more like covering ass thing for Apple.Apple once got sued coz it deleted valuable memories from customer’s iPhone accidentally due to iCloud mess up.

However if you have deleted your photos by mistake, chances are that you can still restore it.Open photos app ->Albums ->Recently Deleted ->Tap select and restore the pics you want.

Pro tip: This will also work if you deleted pics using third party apps if you didn’t delete pics permanently.



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