How to change iPhone keyboard settings for the best experience

iphone keyboard settings

Got a shiny new iPhone? iPhone 8/8 Plus or X. iPhone is capable of doing a lot more than you know. Here are the top iPhone keyboard settings you can change.

Toggle Capital letters on the keys

By default, your iPhone shows capital letters for every key. This can be confusing at times. If you wish to show the uppercase/lowercase keys correctly, follow the steps below.

Settings app ->Tap General -> Tap Accesibility ->Scroll and tap Keyboard -> Toggle Show lower case keys.

Alternatively, you can open the settings app -> Swipe down from the middle of the screen to reveal search.

Now type keyboard -> Select General ->accesibilty -> Toggle Show lower case keys.

Add emoji keyboard to your iPhone

Are you a big fan of Emojis? And your iPhone doesn’t show emoji keyboard? Worry not. You can easily enable Emoji keyboard that comes with your iPhone.

Open Settings app -> Tap General -> Tap Keyboard and then Keyboards -> Tap add new Keyboard -> Tap Emoji.

Tap Edit in the top right corner to edit the order in which keyboards appear. Tap and hold 3 lines symbol and drag it to wherever you want.

You can switch between keyboards by tapping the Globe or simply holding it and sliding to any keyboard you want.

Note: This method is the same to add any third party keyboard. Just download any third party keyboard from the App store and repeat the steps of this section.

Enable/Disable shake to undo

Did you know that whenever you type anything, you can simply shake your iPhone to undo typing?

It is enabled by default and you can disable it quite easily. Follow the steps below.

Open Settings app -> Tap General -> Tap Accesibilty -> Tap Shake to undo and toggle the switch.

Use Text Shortcuts

You can simply type something like ttyl and assign “talk to you later ” to inserted automatically.

Settings App -> Tap General -> Tap Keyboard -> Select Text Replacement.

Now Tap + in the top right, enter any phrase and its shortcut. Hit save. Now whenever you type your shortcut, it’ll be replaced by the shortcut you just typed.

Enable Dictation on Your Keyboard

Why type when you can just talk? All you need to do is to enable dictation. Follow the steps below to do it.

Open Settings -> Tap General -> Tap Keyboard -> Scroll until you see Dictation ->Enable Dictation.




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