Cool new upcoming nintendo switch games that we’re most excited about

upcoming nintendo switch games

In this post I’m gonna list few upcoming nintendo switch games that we can’t wait to play.

I’ve already listed some of my favourite titles in my previous post.So in this post I’ll mention those that I didn’t mention earlier.

Kirby Star Allies

upcoming nintendo switch games

This platform game which is a part of Kirby series, published by Nintendo.Kirby can make enemies by throwing hearts at them.

They then become his allies and they together can perform various friend attacks or aid kirby in his open world adventure.You can play the game alone or with AI that intelligently supports your gameplay.

In this cool adventure Kirby can also discover various new power-ups that he can use alone or together with his allies to create even more powerful combinations.

It’s coming out on March 16 2018.So watch out for it.

Attack on Titan 2

attack on titan 2

This hack and slash action video game has a lot of elements that you can brag about to your friends.The graphics are cool and the gameplay has varieties of weaponry.

You can team up with your friends in this outstanding game to save humanity from the giant titans.

Also the studio behind this game assured that they will increase game difficulty to better cater the needs of core gamers.

It’s coming out on March 20 2018.

Scribblenauts Showdown

It is a party game that can you can team up with upto 4 players.It has lots of fun stuff.

You can play with friends or against CPU to unlock new fancy items and watch what happens next.

It’s all left to imagination what you can create in this Scribblenauts title.Its coming on March 6 2018.


This 3D arcade game has various new 3D levels.You can change the colour of the blocks and more with just your Joy-cons.

There are various modes like Time trial and it looks very promising.

Moreover it’s priced around $9.99 so it’s worth a try.

Fear effect Sedna

Team up with your friends in this amazing adventure filled with full of surprises.Unlock special powers by working along with your friends in multiplayer mode.

The action gets more intense with spirit realm where you need to deal with supernatural creatures.

You can unlock several array of weapons and characters.It’s coming out on March 6 2018.

Donkey Kong Country:Tropical Freeze

upcoming nintendo switch games

This is the first Donkey Kong title on the switch and this game is one of my personal favourites.

The simian Funky kong can run,surf and perform infinite rolls.Swing your way through the country and enjoy carefully crafted worlds, power-ups and more.

It’s coming out on May 4 2018 and I personally can’t wait to try this game on my Nintendo switch.

Yoshi for Nintendo switch

yoshi for switch

It’s a working title for the switch.It features side- scrolling and dodge your way through to find different perspectives.

We will keep a close eye on how this turns out to be.



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