Dubai Mall Apple Store to open on April 27

apple store dubai

Apple fans in Dubai,rejoice.Apple is going to open its 3rd retail stores in United Arab Emirates according to 9to5Mac report.Apple has been planning global expansion rapidly in Europe,Middle East and Asia to further strengthen its already strong retail supply chain.

Recently around the world Apple started various retail stores in Italy,Spain and other parts of the world.Apple also recently finished talks with Indian government to set up its official retail footprint in the country where android has been enjoying far more marketshare than iOS.Tim cook recently toured India further hinting the company’s decision to aggressively sell and market its products in the country with second highest growing number of mobile users.

Apple has already set up mapping centre in Hyderabad. Apple also recently set up manufacturing unit in Bengaluru along with its partner Foxconn to start manufacturing iPhones in India.