Facebook f8 Conference 2018:Every announcement that Facebook made

facebook f8 conference

Now before we talk about Facebook f8 conference, you may be wondering about f8. What is a Facebook f8 conference? Well, f8 is the annual developer conference where they discuss their platforms.

Most importantly Facebook mainly talks about Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp and Oculus. It shares future software features and tools available for developers to make most of them.

Now that you’re familiar with f8, here are the most important announcements from the f8 keynote.


You know, privacy is a buzzword in the Tech industry right now. It is very important to companies like Facebook and its users alike. Facebook almost had a fallout when Cambridge Analytica scandal happened.

It was so extreme that Whatsapp co-founder Brian Acton urged users to delete facebook. Oops! Below is his tweet.

So Facebook took note that this is a big issue and kicked off the conference with a strong focus on privacy and transparency.

As a result, it now allows you to clear your browsing history just the way you do it on a web browser. This feature is now available under the Settings.

Go to privacy settings->Browser ->clear all data.

In addition to that, ads from political parties are clearly displayed along with their complete campaigns.

The data that Facebook shares with app developers is strictly limited. And the company is doing a complete reaudit of third-party services to ensure users their privacy.

Lesser Fake News

Also Facebook is using AI to train its algorithms to distinguish between authentic news and fake news! Facebook will have more than 20000 people working on

Facebook Dating Service

Zuck walked in and made a surprise announcement at Facebook f8 Conference. A dating service.

According to Facebook, it’s so trustworthy and so secure that you never want to use for hookups(according to Zuck). It’s intended to build some meaningful relations to waste your time completely, similar to what you do on Facebook(I’m kidding :D)!

Facebook dating service will be an opt-in rather opt-out. I saved the best for the last thing, you’re not allowed to date your friends. Facebook suggests and matches people based on their interests.

So next time you marry a girl on Facebook, tell her it’s because of this post. We will notify you once the service goes live. So stay tuned.

Group Video Calling

Another amazing initiative to drag most of your friends to the Facebook ecosystem. Group video calling will be available on Instagram through messages and it’s coming to WhatsApp as well. Read more about latest updates on Instagram here.


AR Camera effects on Live video

You can become a bunny, make weird faces and more, thanks to AR effects on live video.AR effects platform will be available to developers so that they can develop some weird AR faces for your fun.

Facebook is porting all these AR camera effects from Facebook to Instagram. Get ready for some wild fun.

VR based experiences

Facebook wants to push VR into more places to acquire various groups of audience. It announced Oculus venues that let watch sports and live performances in VR. Oculus TV comes with content that you can watch on Oculus devices.

Oculus rooms is a cool idea to let you play VR games like board games with your friends and family.



Clutter-free Messenger and a redesigned explore

Facebook f8 conference’s most promising update was to clean up Facebook Messenger. The company also promised to redesign the explore field in Instagram by topics.

In line translations in Messenger

Now you can chat with anyone in the world, in any language. Facebook will automatically translate messages for you, so language won’t be a barrier anymore.

Perhaps the in-line translation is the coolest feature announced at Facebook f8 conference.

Oculus go

The company also announced Oculus go at Facebook f8 conference. It starts from $199 for 32GB model and costs $249 for 64 GB version.

Future of Facebook

So what’s in store for Facebook in future. Definitely, Facebook is building a service based ecosystem. There are over 800 Million users on Messenger and an over a Billion users on Facebook.

Facebook is looking to build AR technologies to increase user engagement and turning to VR to stay relevant. Similarly Snap recently announced Spectacles 2.0.

Why are Social networking companies building hardware? Well, to be honest, they want to rely less on companies like Apple and Google. And they’re doing so to stay relevant in the competition.

Just like any other company Facebook is looking for a platform level control to better implement its technologies and monetise from its users.


Apple has a strict privacy policy and has several restrictions in place for third-party apps like Facebook.

So I think Future of Facebook will rely on VR devices. Cleverly Facebook isn’t looking to build any AR devices. Reasons for this are that companies like Apple and Microsoft are developing AR glasses.

Instagram and Whatsapp are evergreen platforms and also opportunities for Facebook to expand and grow.

Catch up with all the latest news here.



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