Facetime Video Conference Call : iOS 12’s killer feature !


When we first heard about iOS 12, we realised most of our wishlist features were present in it. The best among them is Facetime Video Conference call. Not just video but you can also make facetime audio conference calls as well.

How to make facetime video conference call in iOS 12

Well, you can add a group to the Facetime app. From there it’ll ring all the people in that group. Some people are given major screen space or appear in bigger tiles and the others can be found in the bottom strip.

When someone speaks their tile becomes prominent and bigger. Although we’re not sure how it would work when multiple people speak the same time.

This kind of group video calling was found in Google hangouts. And even Facebook announced they’d bringing group video calls to WhatsApp and Instagram.

facetime video conference call
credits: Apple

Best of all, when you’re in a group message thread you can call the entire group or join an ongoing video call.

Even better is that you can now make Animojis on the go in Facetime video conference call. In addition to that, you can apply stickers, filters or even make your own Memojis.

You can also ask Siri to make facetime conference call or create shortcuts to do certain tasks. Both of which, we will discuss in later articles.

Is Facetime encrypted?

Apart from making video conference calls using Facetime, one thing to notice here is encryption. Yes, by default iOS 12 encrypts all your messages and device data. The conversation is just between you and your friends.

Apple is also doubling down on security features in iOS 12. Conference Facetime was one of our wishlist features and we’re glad Apple implemented.

What do you think of Facetime video conference call? Love it or hate it? And what do you think about live Animojis and Memojis. Let us know in the comments below.


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