Get to Know Google Assistant for Android

assistant for android
assistant for android

Google assistant for android is the best personal assistant on android phones supporting it and even on iPhone.In this post I’ll be discussing how to get started to use some of the coolest features of Google Assistant.

assistant on google home
assistant on google home

Initially launched with Pixel phones google has now released android for wider range of phones that have Android 6 or higher,Google search App 6.13 or higher and decent smartphone specs to say the least.

Once you’ve learnt that your android smartphone supports google assistant and you have google play services installed fire up the google app head over to menu ->Settings ->Google Assistant ->Turn on  you’re good to go.

Simply say “OK google ” or “hey google” and your assistant fires up. Another quick way to reach assistant is using Google Assistant App.Get it from play store here. On Pixel 2 you can squeeze the phone to activate assistant.

Now that Your assistant is all set up its time to know some really cool features of Google Assistant.

Make phone calls

Google assistant can make phone calls or dial a specific number and it comes really handy.You can even say something like “call Bruce Wayne mobile” and Assistant does that.You can also check contact info of a person by saying “Show Bruce Wayne’s contact info”.

Send messages

This is a no brainer given you can make calls already you can also send messages to your contacts and now with apps like WhatsApp ,Google Allo you can send messages to various apps just by saying ” ok google text mom on WhatsApp I’m coming home”.

Translate Words on the go

Lets say you’re travelling to a country and you dont know how to speak the local language you can simply say have a real time translator by saying “Ok google translate How far is the sea from here to spanish ” and google speaks the translated sentence along with text feedback on your device.

Ask for your upcoming appointments

Google Assistant can look into your gmail account and find flight schedules,package delivery info and more.Just say “Ok google when’s my flight to London” and your assistant will pull up information and present your with that card.

Ask for Nutritional values in the food

Making a pancake or a pizza ?Wanna know how many calories you consume?Simply say “Ok google how many calories in Cheese pizza ” or “Ok google what is the protein content in egg”.Google knows how much you eat even if you yourself don’t.

Use Google as your local guide

If you’re in a new city and you don’t know where to hangout or get around then you can simply say “Ok google what are some good pubs near me” ,”Ok google where can I hike in this city ” or “ok google suggest some good hotels to stay”.

Usually google’s recommendations are pretty damn good given user feedback that is publicly visible.You can then navigate to that place or open in Maps for turn by turn navigation.

Have your Assistant remember something for you

You can ask Assistant to remember something like “remember I’m awesome” “remember I’m Batman” and in case you forget what you asked google remember just ask your assistant what you asked her to remember.

Have some fun

If you’re just chilling say “Ok google what does a dog sound like”,”flip a coin” ,”Marry me” or any other ways to kill time by talking to your digital robot.

Locational Awareness

Since Google Assistant knows where you are on the earth you can simply say “ok google when’s the sunrise tomorrow”,”where am I” or “How far is the airport from here”.

Fire up Follow-up questions

Google Assistant is contextually aware of what you’re talking so you can ask follow up query to your previous query like “when did the movie release” “Did it win oscar” or anything that links to your previous info.

Take a picture or a selfie

Say “Ok google take a picture ” your assistant starts a timer of 3 seconds and takes your picture, but hey don’t forget to pose.