Google search tips and tricks and how to get all the information you need efficiently


12Search for stock prices analyse yearly,per 3 months, per day,5 years or even look at the peak stock price.

11Use double quotes to exactly search for what you want.”cute bunny clips” will show you results that exactly have these words.

10Currency conversions and Unit conversions.Real time exchange rates and search for something like  “5 miles to kms”.

9Track weather conditions in any place of the world.Say “weather in Bangalore”.

8Do some maths and find out some commonly know constants which also brings up the calculator interface in the google search results page.

7Keep your search query concise.

6Use the Google search suggestions to further extend your search. “Apple iphone 7” can be extended to “Apple iPhone 7 price”.Just hit the space bar after your search query.

5Know about some common diseases,symptoms and preventions.The information is powered by WebMD.However this is just for some basic sicknesses and diseases.Say “Nausea Symptoms ” , “Diarrhoea symptoms” or Diarrhoea medicines“.

4Plan your trip with Google. Search for Europe trip or Australia trip and google shows you popular destinations.

3Find solutions for your common computer problems or smartphone problems.Say “how to take screenshot on mac” and Google presents you with Step by Step outline.

2Hungry?! Need cash from ATM? or looking for pubs/clubs nearby ? Type “coffee nearby” or “ATM nearby”.

1Search for Calories in various foods.”Banana Calories” or “Coke calories” to check out your calorie intake per day.