Apple iOS 12 to support horizontal FaceID, Alexa and Cortana are friends and more.

horizontal faceid

This is your weekly dose of Tech News to get you charged up with everything happening in the Tech World.

Here are the latest tidbits from Tech world:

Apple updates

Having a problem with FaceID in landscape? Apple might fix it with support for horizontal FaceID scanning in iOS 12. Currently, FaceID doesn’t work in landscape.

Apple announced RED iPhone 8 and 8 Plus and you can check them out now.

Hardware announcements

Snap Inc announced Spectacles version 2.0 to try its luck again. And Facebook announced Oculus Go at its f8 conference.

Alexa and Cortana are friends

Microsoft integrates Alexa into Cortana. Now both the assistants will make your life easier. And also catch up with all the announcements made at Build conference.

OnePlus 6 announced

After so many rumours OnePlus announced OnePlus 6 with notch design Qualcomm 845 series and more. Read what we think about Oneplus 6 here.

New Gmail update available

Google has completely revamped Gmail with a cleaner design, inline attachments, snooze button and confidential mode. Learn more about the new Gmail update.

Also, Gmail now supports third-party extensions of G-suite apps. We’re really excited about the Gmail update.

Instagram updates

Also announced at the Facebook f8 conference, Instagram will now support video calling. In addition to Instagram, Whatsapp is going to support video calling.

Instagram adds comment filtering and emoji polls to increase the fun of using the app.

For more stay tuned to our website and for interesting updates read our news section.

Rumour Round-up

Apple is planning to release a cheaper $199 HomePod. WWDC is scheduled to happen on June 4.

Chances are high that Apple may announce Airpower Pad, a newer version of Airports. Also, we can expect Apple to release or give us a sneak peek at iPhone SE 2.

iPhone SE 2 is rumoured to feature iPhone X like design with FaceID. Along with that Apple plans to introduce a lower priced 6.1″ LCD iPhone.The later may not happen until September.

Do you love to have support for horizontal FaceID? Or you’re more than happy with FaceID?

Let us know in the comments below.


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