How to take screenshot in windows 10(Including video capture)!


There are several ways to grab screenshots in windows 10.We’ll show you one by one.

Easiest way to Take screenshots

Press Prtscn(Print screen button) located at the top and your whole screen will be captured and saved to clipboard.

You can then open paint or any other photo editor of your choice.Create a new file and Ctrl+v or paste.

Now you can edit your screenshot however you want.

Save Screenshot as a file instead

Press windows key and PrtScn at the same time.Your screenshot will be saved on your computer.

You can find your screenshots under pictures folder within a folder called screenshots.

Take Screenshot of active window

First click on the active window, in case there are multiple windows open.Then click Alt+PrtScn.

The screenshot will be copied to clipboard and you can paste it in application like paint to edit it.

How to use windows snipping tool

how to take screenshot in windows 10

Snipping tool is a built-in application, that comes with Windows 10.Tap Windows button and type snipping tool.

Open snipping tool, you’ll be presented with a small window.On Menu bar click new.

By default it’ll be a rectangular screenshot which you can draw with your mouse.You can also change the type of screenshot by clicking arrow.

Once you’re done you need to click save to finish the process.

Taking screenshots on Surface or other tablets running windows 10

Similar to smartphones, if you have surface device simply hold on windows key.

Then press the volume down button.Your screen will be slightly dimmed and your screenshot will be saved.

Screen capture in windows 10(Creator’s update required)

Open the xbox app and under Game DVR option, toggle take screenshot using game DVR.

Assign any shortcut you want to trigger screen recording.

Once you have enabled, you can use this shortcut and a menu of options will be presented such as to record audio or mute it.

Once you’re done you can find your videos under captures sub-folder located in videos folder on your computer.





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