HTC U12 Plus Impressions:Is HTC making a comeback?


While everyone was busy talking about the OnePlus 6, HTC quietly launched U12 Plus. Here are our initial HTC U12 Plus impressions.


HTC U12 Plus features a 6″ LCD display that has Quad-HD(2880 x 1440 pixels) resolution with 18:9 aspect ratio. The screen looks amazing and it comes with HDR support right out of the box.

This one of the very phones to have built-in HDR support. Only high-end devices like Galaxy s9, iPhone X feature it. Although there are no buttons on the screen, it houses slight bezels on top and bottom.

We would have been happier if it was a clean full-screen design like the OnePlus 6. And the phone comes in Ceramic Black, Red and a Translucent Blue that lets you see some of the components inside.

Also, the fingerprint sensor has been moved to the back to facilitate that full-screen display.


Hello Alexa! Umm, this sounds really amazing. You get both Google assistant and Amazon Alexa on HTC U12 Plus.

This is also one of the very first Android phones to feature Alexa integration. Now, this is what I call getting best of both worlds.

Edge Sense

Do you remember Pixel’s 2 squeeze functionality? It was developed by HTC. Now the HTC U12+ supports squeeze, pressure on the edges of the screen.

HTC U12 Plus impressionsThis squeeze functionality is powered by HTC’s Edge Sense 2.0. You can download the app from Google Play here.

HTC’s edge sense provides smooth and intuitive interaction with the device. You can double tap the sides to activate the one-handed mode. Squeeze to activate Alexa or Google Assistant based on your choice.

HTC U12+ is so smart that when you hold the phone with one hand, it won’t rotate the screen or App to landscape orientation. Smart!

This tech is interesting as it’s not limited to few shortcuts. For example, you can squeeze to zoom in or in Music app you could squeeze to pause/play. Slowly HTC promises support for most of the third-party apps.


There are four cameras on this phone. On the Rear side there 12 MP and 16 MP sensors. And on the front, there are dual 8 MP cameras.

HTC promised DSLR level bokeh effect on HTC U12 Plus. DXoMark has rated cameras on these phones with a score of 103. However, we will see how this phone performs in real life scenarios.

Also, the feature which matters the most is that this phone can record 4K video at 60 fps.

AR stickers

Literally, everybody has some variation of AniMojis these days. AR stickers use your phone’s camera to overlay objects or shapes on your face. So you can make be the rabbit from Guardians of the Galaxy movie.


This phone features Boomsound speakers, which have a name of their own when it comes to sound quality. There’s active noise cancellation built-in along with Hi-Res Audio.

Unfortunately, there’s no headphone jack.

Best features

I saved the best for the end. HTC U12 Plus is IP 68 rated so it can take splashes or even accidental drops in the pool. Also, it features Face Unlock just like the OnePlus 6. However, we may need to test its accuracy.

Speed and Performance

I lied in the previous section about the best features. I’m gonna tell you why. This phone is going to be a beast.

It is gonna be a monster when it comes to performance because it has Snapdragon 845 series chip, 6 GB RAM and comes with Android Oreo.

HTC’s Sense UI is already famous for its buttery smooth performance. HTC says Android P will be available to this phone.

So there you have it. These are our HTC U12 Plus impressions. What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments below.



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