6 features that are common in both HTC U12 Plus and OnePlus 6

HTC U12 Plus and OnePlus 6

Both are relatively new handsets and here are some common features between HTC U12 Plus and OnePlus 6.

Snapdragon 845 series

Both the handsets feature Snapdragon 845 series processor. This processor is beast and can handle graphics intense games and multitasking with ease.

However, OnePlus 6 has 6/8 GB RAM variants whereas HTC U12 Plus only has 6 GB of RAM. Both these phones are known for speed and along with Snapdragon 845 series, they’re some of the fastest Android phones on the market.

Core Software

Both phones come software built on top of Android Oreo. HTC U12 Plus uses Sense UI along with Edge Sense 2.0 launcher specially optimised for Pressure sensors. And the OnePlus 6 comes with OxygenOS.

U12’s software is simple and straightforward with very less tweaking. On the other hand, Oxygen OS supports full-screen gestures that are similar to those found on iPhone X.

Interfaces on both these phones are quite user-friendly and intuitive. Both HTC and OnePlus promise Android P update when available.

Note: The actual may slightly differ but they both run on Android Oreo.

Face Unlock

Both phones now support face unlock. We’ve already seen how fast OnePlus face-unlock method works. We need to test out face unlock on HTC U12 Plus once it becomes available.

However, both these phones rely on the front cameras to scan and analyse user’s face. Neither of the phones has any special 3D sensing Tech found on the iPhone X.

Dual Cameras

Unlike the Pixel 2, both phones feature dual cameras to capture portrait mode shots, those artistically blurred photos.

OnePlus 6 has 16MP and 20MP cameras while the U12 Plus has a 12MP UltraPixel camera and 16MP telephoto lens.

Make no mistake, both these phones take some really excellent portrait shots.

4K video support

Both these phones support 4K video at 60 fps. What does that mean for you? Well, buttery smooth stabilised videos. And both phones support Optical Image Stabilisation(OIS) and Electronic Image Stabilisation(EIS).

We’re moving towards a future where the smartphones might be able to replace DSLR cameras. We are at least 5 years away but we’re getting there.

Hi-res Audio

Ok now that we have super high-resolution videos, companies are going after the audio market. OnePlus 6 features High-res Dirac HD Sound. Both have certified high res audio quality out of the box.

In addition to having High-res audio for better headphone listening experience, both these phones support Qualcomm aptX HD for low-latency high-quality Bluetooth audio.

The specification of Qualcomm aptX HD has been integrated into Android Oreo so we will some really awesome Bluetooth headphones in the coming days.

So those are some strikingly common differences between HTC U12 Plus and OnePlus 6. You may also read 6 features missing in the OnePlus 6 and 6 cool OnePlus 6 features.

What do you think about HTC U12 Plus and OnePlus 6? Let us know in the comments below.

Note: We shall be posting OnePlus 6 review and HTC U12 Plus review shortly. So stay tuned.



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