Instagram Features: Every New Instagram update that you need to know

    new instagram update

    Instagram has been busy updating the app every single week. So it can be quite frustrating to find all new features. In this post, we will highlight all the cool new features for you.

    Also, note that we will feature the latest features on the top. Now let’s find out about every new Instagram update.

    No more bullying comments: Instagram now filters out bullying comments that threaten or harass a person or a race.

    Download your data: This is a part of Instagram’s effort to win user trust back after the data scandal. Also, users can download a copy of the data that Instagram has built about them.

    It can be found at this address. Once you authenticate you can proceed and download all your data.


    Share others’ photos in your story: Not only can you share others’ photos through direct message, but you also can also include them in your stories.

    This feature can be particularly useful when you want to share what your favourite celebrity says. It’ll available under the same arrow button that lets you share through DM.

    This’ll be added via a new Instagram update so stay tuned for it.

    Note: This feature is slowly rolling out and it may take some time before you get it.

    Payment feature: Given the popularity of Instagram among small businesses and brands alike, it released a new payment option available right under your profile settings.

    As of now, this feature is rolling out for UK users. Others might have to wait a little longer depending on the country you’re in.

    In order to see the payment option, you may need to install new Instagram update from App Store or Play Store.

    Superzoom: When you open camera to share stories, you now have an option called superzoom. It allows you to take videos to focus in out of any subject that you’re shooting.

    Focus: This mode also available alongside superzoom option, lets your blur out backgrounds in a picture similar to iPhone X’s portrait mode.

    new instagram updateThis feature works on face recognition tech, so you need adequate lighting for this to work well.


    Emoji-slider polls: It is a fun and interesting way to engage your followers. Whenever you try to upload a story on Instagram, there’s a new emoji slider under stickers tab.

    Select that and you can customise it with any Emoji you want. Once people answer your polls, you can find what each person has said or the average answer overall.

    Text-based stories: Too shy to show up in front of the camera every time? You can now type in stories, tap the camera on the top left and select type.

    Now select your background colour, text styles and more.

    Go live with a friend: You can now invite your friend to join you live on Instagram. Loads of fun, isn’t it?

    new instagram updateTap camera button and then tap live. On the bottom right you’ll find a two faces icon and then choose your pal.

    Hashtag following: Instead of following just users, you can also follow hashtags that show up in your feed. Search for a hashtag and click on follow. It’s that easy.

    Also, you can add hashtags in your bio along with usernames. So when you include # or @ they become live links.

    new instagram updateHashtag following is another way for brands to connect with users.


    Custom replay options: Whenever you send a photo or video through DM you can choose for how long the video will be available. You can set the options to view once, allow replay or keep in chat.

    All these options are available when you send messages through DM. This is a direct assault on Snapchat’s custom replay options.

    Photo or video reply to stories: Now when you view a person’s story you can add your own photo or video comment to increase the fun.

    Video filters:  When you use Instagram’s camera app to make videos you can choose video filters and edit them too.

    Highlights: Highlights are a way to showcase your best stories to your fans and followers. Tap on your profile icon, click the + button to choose photos or stories from your gallery or stories.


    Archives: when you archive any post for future reference, they’ll be available in the top right corner.

    Labelled Paid partnerships:  Brands and influencers now have to disclose if there’s any sponsored content within the post. Although it’s not an Instagram feature, rather an FTC policy.

    Location and Hashtag stickers: Now when you add a story, photo or video, you can select location-based stickers or even a popular hashtag to overlay on your stories.

    Suggested stories within the feed: Instagram will now suggest some stories and live videos before they disappear. This is to increase user engagement and also for brands to get more exposure.

    What do you think of this post? Did we cover all the features or did we miss any? Let us know in the comments below. Get the app from here.

    Note: We’ll be updating this post whenever we find a new Instagram update. Stay tuned for our post on Instagram stories.

    Catch up with all the latest news here. And for more tech news visit digital algoridm.



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