iOS 11 features coming to your iPhones and iPads in September

iOS 11

Apple announced iOS 11 which has massive list of new features, tweaks and tools to enable developers do more.Here’s a comprehensive list of all the new features in iOS 11.

  • New lock screen fade animation when you wake your device and new App launch animation.
  • Siri search suggestions in spotlight.
  • Siri can be your personal Dj ,play music you’d love to hear.

  • Redesigned lock screen music player that doesn’t hide when new notification arrives.
  • New unified lock screen and Notification Center experience.
  • Redesigned Control Center with greater 3D touch support.Now all your controls in one pane and flashlight,volume can be adjusted directly with sliders on Control Center.

  • Customise Control Center with available options like personal hotspot, wallet and more.
  • Screen recording feature in Control Center with an additional option to
  • Redesigned Siri with Translation(Beta).

  • Siri learns more about you while you browse safari, read news and more and make proactive suggestions you might like,all this processing happens on device.
  • Natural voice for Siri with machine learning.It makes Siri sound more like human.
  • Enhanced options with Siri 3rd party integration like to-do lists,evernote and more.
  • Person to person payments with Apple Pay in iMessage that has an iMessage app as well.

  • Two new full screen effects in iMessage called Spotlight and Echo.
  • In accessibility there’s new Type to Siri option.
  • Accessibility now has new Smart invert colors which is a pseudo dark mode for your devices.
  • New emergency SOS in setting tab to quickly call emergency services when you press power button continuously 5 times.
  • Custom AirPods control per each ear like Next track,Previous in addition to Play/Pause/Siri.
  • One handed keyboard when hold down on Globe key you can choose either left or right handed mode.
  • 64-bit only Apps.32-bit Apps such as old and abandoned Apps in the App Store can no longer run on iOS 11.
  • New files app to provide access to iCloud files, local files and 3rd party storage files which are all categorised just like the Mac and there options such as Tags,Recently deleted and more.
  • New image format to choose in your photos App that provides same quality images using half the storage.
  • Markup interface when you take screenshots to markup and share with share sheet options instead of just saving it in the photos app.
  • New calculator app UI with rounder buttons and labels.
  • Redesigned App store that looks more like Apple Music now.

  • Updated iMessage App interface with bigger iMessage App icons.
  • Music playlists get more social with what friends are listening,you can follow or accept someone’s request in Music App,ahem similar to ping.
  • Insert tables in notes and Siri suggestions in Notes App.
  • Pin important notes so they always stay on top.
  • Change background of Notes App by tapping share button and selecting change paper within the App or you can do the same in settings.
  • Live photo during FaceTime calls.

  • New Live photo effects like Loop,Bounce and Long exposure for those natural landscapes and waterfalls.
  • GIF support in Photos App.This feature took like forever to come to iOS nevertheless it’s finally here folks.
  • Now in accessibility you can choose Auto answer calls after specific time period in call audio routing option.
  • Share Wifi passwords with other nearby iOS devices.

  • QR Code scanning comes to Camera App which lets you do variety of things like join a Wifi network, Open an App, Open a link, Add more and its more like Snapchat QR codes.

  • New Airplay 2 protocol that includes multi room support for audio found in recently announced HomePod.
  • Do not Disturb while driving prevents you from reading notifications and using your while you’re driving.

  • ARKit support to bring Augmented Reality to all iPhones and iPads signalling AR is one of the flagship features in the upcoming iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 or iPhone edition.
  • Machine learning CoreML API to identify and recognise your surroundings just using your Camera App.
  • Indoor navigation for airports,malls in Maps App along with Lane Guidance in various places.
  • NFC access to 3rd party developers.
  • iPad-only features are so huge they’re discussed in another post.
  • Here’s a preview you can get on Apple’s website.