iOS 11.3 : Apple dropped the next iOS 11 update,here’s what you need to know.

ios 11 new features

iOS 11.3 new features and changes

New Animojis for iPhone X

Apple has included 4 new Animojis of lion,dragon,bear and skull.This brings the total number of Animojis to 16.

iPhone Battery Management

Apple has finally added a way to check your battery health.Head over to settings and you can find it under battery.

You can see comprehensive information about peak performance capability and health.

If you own an iPhone X, 8 or 8 Plus you won’t see much of a difference here coz all these new devices are even optimised at hardware level.

Privacy icon in Status bar

Apple’s counter strategy to Google is to focus more on privacy than ever before.With recent facebook data scandal Apple is trying to win over users with better privacy controls.

A new handshake icon appears in the status bar when Apple requests for your data.

Business chat in iMessage

Businesses can directly contact customers using iMessage.This brings people and brands even more closer.

Business chat is still in beat and US exclusive feature for now.

New Music video section in Apple Music

Apple clearly amped up its content team striking deals with various directors and script writers.You can now see an exclusive music video section in Apple Music.

App store tweaks

Users can sort App reviews by most relevant,most critical or most helpful.You can also view update file sizes under updates section.

Safari Improvements

Third party apps using webview within their apps can use Safari Autofill.There are several warnings while visiting non-secure sites.

Augmented Reality Improvements

With ARkit 1.5 your iPhones and iPads can use AR vertically.Developers can also insert artworks into AR experiences.

Health Records

Users can now view their health records, lab results and more in Health App.This feature is also exclusive to US for now.

Software Authentication for Homekit accessories

Developers can now use software authentication to enable and create homekit accessories.

Homekit adoption has been sluggish because Apple previously required a hardware chip for homekit accessories.

With this feature you can expect wider range of smart home accessories that you control with Siri.

iOS 11 also includes lots of other minor tweaks and improvements.













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