iOS 12 features wishlist : Features that we badly want to see

iOS 12 features wishlist

We’re just a few days away from Apple’s WWDC conference. In this post, we will list some features we might be getting along with our iOS 12 features wishlist.

What to expect in iOS 12

Certainly, there are not many leaks of iOS 12 but sources say that this year’s update will focus on stability and improvements. However, that doesn’t mean we won’t see any new features.

More Emojis and Animojis

Since iOS keeps adding tonnes of Unicode characters as they’re available, iOS 12 won’t be an exception. And you can expect to see more Animojis. Currently, there are 16 Animojis.

Cross-platform apps

Apple is aiming to unify app experience across all its stores namely App Store and mac app store. Mac App Store failed to gain developer interest with few developers even pulling out apps to sell on their own websites directly.

The company already has invented its own programming language Swift with which developers can make universal apps that run on iPhones and iPads.

However, MacOS, TvOS, WatchOS apps need to be coded separately and this often didn’t go well with developers. Apple wants to make write once and use everywhere software so that MacOS App Store benefits from iOS App Store’s popularity.

It’s very likely that we may see this implementation at WWDC in iOS 12 and MacOS as well.

Redesigned Stocks App

Stocks App is due for a design upgrade and sources say that Apple is revamping the Stocks app.

Siri Improvements

Sirikit allows developers to integrate Siri into their apps to get things done. However, its limited to certain app categories such as ride-hailing apps, payment apps and a few more.

With iOS 12 it’s eminent that Siri will gain more capabilities. Certainly, Apple will extend third-party APIs to support even broader categories of apps.

FaceID Improvements

FaceID might gain landscape support with iOS 12. Apple may also improve FaceID accuracy.

iOS 12 features wishlist

Better Notifications

We badly want to see better notifications. Android has clearly beaten out Apple when it comes to Notifications. Even if it’s just playing catch up we hope iOS 12 gives a better way to manage notifications or group them per app.

Smarter Do Not Disturb

Android phones have had toggles for location-based triggers for years. Now we wish iOS 12 provides a better and smarter Do Not Disturb that gets triggered based on daily routines, location or any other features.

Currently, Do Not Disturb has very limited options such as silence calls within 2 minutes. We wish it could Siri intelligence to proactively guess and let important calls in.


Video Subscription service

Apple struggled to get content deals from major Hollywood production houses as it alienated them with weird requirements.

We badly need a subscription service similar to what Amazon and Netflix are already offering. Buying movies is so 2000. Please, Apple! Make this happen at least now.

Third Party Siri Skills

Although it’s highly unlikely that Apple will open Siri to thrid party developers, we wish it does. And if it doesn’t, it won’t stand a chance against Alexa and Google Assistant.

Alexa is being actively integrated into devices like Speakers, Windows software, and many more places. On the other hand, Siri support is limited to App Store Apps.

App Analytics

Google promised features in Android P to fight smartphone addiction. We wish Apple would provide detailed device usage metrics and more.





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