Hidden iPhone 8 features you need to know

iPhone 8
iPhone 8

Most of the iPhone users don’t know how to make the most of your shiny new iPhone 8.There are plenty of hidden iPhone 8 features you didn’t know that exist on your iPhone 8.I’ve got you covered.

Clear all notifications

A lot of you have apps Instagram and snapchat just stuffing up iPhone notification centre along with email based apps.You can clear all notifications simply by firmly pressing the x icon in the notification centre.Now this will clean up all your previously received notifications.Please note that I assume you have 3D touch turned on.

Turn on LED for alerts

A lot of Android users probably would already be teasing about their notification LED on their android smartphones.Your iPhone has a hidden toggle inside settings that’ll let you turn on your rear camera LED flash for alerts.Unfortunately no colour coded alerts here.

To do this open Settings App Go to General ->Accessibility ->Hearing ->Turn on LED Flash for alerts .

You can also do it simply by opening Settings app swipe down from the middle of the screen to reveal search bar and type LED flash and it’ll take you to the toggle.Simply turn that on.

Custom vibrations for contacts

I bet you didn’t know this feature which I found this while using iPhone 4s.You have your iPhone 8 in your pocket and you wanna know who’s calling you ? You can do it by simply creating custom vibrations for a contact or a group.

To do this Open Contacts App on your iPhone,tap on the contact to which you wanna assign a custom vibration.

Click Edit -> Ringtone -> Vibration ->Under Custom ->Create New Vibration -> Tap the pattern to create ->Stop -> Save.

Once you’ve a custom vibration pattern you can use it for other contacts as well.

iphone 8 features
iphone 8 features

Turn off Live photos

Live photos are enabled by default but you may not need them as live photo records a 3 seconds clip before and after you take a picture. Open Camera App Tap on circles icon on the top.Remember to turn it on whenever you need it.