iPhone 8 may have vertical camera for AR and more


Apple fans,the wait is just getting impatient.Numerous reports have claimed that Apple’s flagship iPhone will have curved screen with almost bezel-less display.Also analyst Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI securities believes iPhone 8 will have wireless charging,3D sensing cameras on both sides for Augmented reality.Below are some concept images shown.

iPhone 8 concept
Credits: iDB


Tim Cook when asked about AR in a meeting with shareholders said AR is interesting and would be commercially scalable.

Also Apple has acquired various Augmented reality firms further strengthening beliefs that Apple is into AR.According to Business Insider apple acquired Emotient the firm that uses AI to predict feelings.Apple also acquired Meataio ,an AR start up.

Apple also said to be implementing Apple watch like reinforced stainless steel frames around the body and also Glass casing on iPhone 8 to support wireless charging.

The 3D sensing cameras that are going to be used in iPhone 8 are Primesense tech, the tech that’s used for motion sensing in Xbox consoles popularly known as Kinect as Microsoft calls it.

The following Youtube video shows what’s possible with Primesense 3D sensing tech.