Top 10 iphone x hidden features that make it better than samsung s9

iphone x hidden features

iPhone X is a beast in its own way.In this post we will list out 10 hidden iPhone x features that give it an edge over s9.

Now, before reading this post you may read our previous post where we told you 10 ways in which samsung s9 is better than iPhone X. 

iPhone X comes with an edge to edge design and most importantly FaceID.Lets discuss what makes iPhone X standout in the crowded market.


Arguably one of the most headlined feature iPhone X is FaceID.You may think its just face scanning, what’s really cool different here?

Apple uses TrueDepth Camera system that projects sophisticated invisible dots and analyses using IR camera and normal camera.

FaceID is a multi-module system and it isn’t just any other face scanning system.

It takes 3D scan of geometry of face and uses machine learning and AI to recognise user.FaceID can even adopt to changes unlike face scan on s9.

It is clearly an advanced technology compared to s9’s normal face scan and has applications in AR, facial recognition, animation and more.

No wonder why apple decided to use FaceID as a replacement to Touch ID.


Camera on iPhone X is amazing.It has better OIS and noise reduction.Its true tone flash makes photos shot in the dark look more natural.

iPhone X has overall better camera with great colour reproduction, image processing, image and video stabilisation.

iPhone X video camera can be even compared to several 4K professional cameras.

Camera is still the undisputed king in iPhone X and many people buy iphones just coz of their camera quality.


Although this feature isn’t a iPhone X only feature, this applies to all iPhones.iPhones are more resistant to malware attacks than android devices.

To out this in some perspective, recently discovered Stagefright vulnerability can compromise android phones just by sending an MMS.

Not only this android phones including s9 get security fixes slowly compared to iPhone X.

Apple releases Over the air update once it patches the bug and iPhone X can be simply updated.

iPhone X also has better encryption at software and hardware level compared to s9.


In our previous post we didn’t mention speed as samsung s9’s top feature.

Although s9 comes with Snapdragon 845 series chip, iPhone X outperformed s9 in geekbench benchmark test.

iPhone X also has software and apps that are custom engineered for it.

Samsung s9 is also snappy however buggy software can often lead to slow performance in tasks such as intensive gaming,AR and more.

iPhone X is easily one of the fastest phone with Apple’s A11 bionic chip with 64-bit architecture.


The haptic engine on iPhone X is a feature I just love.Interactions feel natural and the vibrations are life-like and very natural compared to standard vibrations on s9.

Haptics can be clearly felt while playing games that support haptic feedback or while using 3D touch systemwide.

Haptics clearly make experience on iPhone X much better and natural than on samsung s9.

App Store 

Say what you will but App store is still the best source to get great quality apps and games.

Google play store isn’t way behind but it simply doesn’t have quality checks Apple has in place for apps submitted to App store.

App store undoubtedly offers the best apps optimised for iPhone X, they’re less prone to malware.

Play Store, on the other hand is prone to malware and fake apps compared to App store.

App store is one of the reasons to own an iPhone X over samsung s9.

Software updates 

In previous post i praised samsung s9’s software customisation options.Samsung s9 tends to get updates really late and mostly upto 2-3 major updates.

iPhone X on the hand gets upto 5 years of free software updates and you can update once they become available.


This is similar to App store, Apple devices play well with each other with Continuity.

Apple devices have handoff that lets you make cellular calls from MacBook or answer your calls on Apple watch.


There are features like handoff and universal clipboard designed to work with all your Apple devices like MacBook, iPhone or iPad.

There are services like iTunes match, iMessages that are still the best in class.

Also services like iCloud storage, iCloud photo library and Apple music sync across various devices automatically.

Even when you pair AirPods to your iPhone, it gets instantly paired all devices signed in using the same Apple ID.

This is a level of tight integration and control available in iPhone X which samsung s9 just can’t match.



iPhone X best set of accessories available for any smartphone.You have AirPods,Apple TV that can cast your screen and share photos and the best third party accessories.

Manufacturers of accessories such as cases, charging docks, custom storage solutions such as Belkin, Sandisk and Otterbox make best products for iPhone X first.

Apple even has Made for iPhone Accessories program that offers apple guaranteed quality and experience.

iPhone X has best and higher number of quality accessories compared to s9.


iPhone X is more reliable compared to s9, iPhones rarely have hardware problems.

Even if you have any problems, you can get quick help from thousands of Apple stores all over the world.

Apple support is the best in the industry and there’s even an Apple Support App you can use to reach out to Apple.

Even Software bugs and vulnerabilities get addressed quickly on iPhone X compared to s9.





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