Apple recently announced MacOS Mojave at WWDC. Here are the 20 new MacOS Mojave features that really matter to normal users.


Now bear in mind that MacOS Mojave is more of an evolutionary software. However, it does include some neat tricks that’ll make creatives and professionals appreciate Mac even more.

Stacks to organise files on the desktop

We all know how messed up our desktop on Macs can be. That’s going change in Mojave. It supports organising files in stacks.

You can right-click and select group stacks by kind, date or tags. Also, you can scrub through files and preview without even opening any items.

New Screenshot Options

Screenshot tool now features a redesigned tab at the bottom. You can also record your screen or portion of the screen right from the screenshot tool.

Continuity Camera

Ever wanted to insert a photo into any document or presentation that you’re currently working on? Well, now you can.

With continuity camera you can remotely take photos with your iPhone camera and the picture will be inserted into the document automatically. Slick, isn’t it?

Supercharged Finder

Mac finder has kinda lacked some features windows file browser had. But now Moajve will take Finder to a whole new level.

Starting off with a brand new gallery view that shows all your files as thumbnails is a brand new feature in Mojave.

Apart from that you now see a complete metadata of each and every file in the right pane. All, while just browsing through your files.


Customisable quick actions allow you to perform actions right within the finder. So you can rotate a photo, trim a video or even sign a pdf without even opening it.


Dark Mode

It’s official! MacOS allows you to be the dark knight. Just kidding! Dark Mode now integrates deeply into the system. The navigational Menu, Icons, background everything looks cooler and darker.

Emojis in Mail

Now you can easily insert emojis in mail app using the new emojis button in the mail interface.

Facetime Group Calls

You can now make group audio and video FaceTime calls from iOS devices and Macs. That’s really handy.

Siri Improvements

Okay, I get it. Siri needs loads of improvements. And I think that’s what Apple is doing too. You can now ask Siri for website passwords, control HomeKit devices and more.

Recents section in Dock

Similar to what you find on the iPad your mac now can feature a Recent section to show the most frequently used apps.

Dynamic Wallpaper

Welcome to the future past guys. Mojave now features a wallpaper that can change with time and location gradually. This just adds some more functionality.

Security and Privacy

Apple is now doubling down on privacy and security in Mojave. It’ll limit cross website tracking even more. Your Mac will even ask you to use stronger and unique passwords and store them in iCloud Keychain.



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