The next iteration of MacOS Sierra : High Sierra


Apple recently announced MacOS High Sierra at WWDC.Apple says it’s built on foundation of MacOS Sierra, taking it to a whole new level.Here are the list of the features your Macs Will be getting with MacOS High Sierra.

  • Apple File system.Your Mac file architecture is based on APFS that boasts enhanced encryption, crash-proof data protection,responsive and high speed access to data optimised for SSDS and yields better performance.
Apple file system
Apple file system
  • HEVC standard for video that offers better compression and saves your storage space.
  • Metal 2 framework support for Virtual reality, external GPU and Machine learning that accelerates these frameworks using both hardware and software in MacOS Sierra.
MacOS sierra
MacOS sierra
  • Photo editing options like new curves tool ,contrast and others.
  • Make a photo key photo in live photos.

  • People album now syncs across all your devices using iCloud so organising photos is better than ever.
  • Safari now has intelligent tracking prevention that now uses Machine learning to avoid sites to track you across the web protecting your privacy.
  • Autoplay blocking in safari on a per-site basis.
  • Take Live photos during a FaceTime call.

  • Top hits in Mail to find your most searched mail messages.

  • Insert tables in Notes,Pin notes.

  • Custom preferences per website in Safari like always on reader mode, content blockers, page zoom and more.

  • iCloud message syncing across all your devices.
  • Siri has information about you that syncs through iCloud so Siri is the same no matter which device you’re on.