Meet the Real voice of Siri : Susan Bennett


Siri is the first AI assistant from Apple and ever since every other player in the market developed their own assistants such as Google assistant by Google ,Cortana by Microsoft and Alexa by Amazon.

We’ve all been playing with our iPhones asking siri various questions and she’s been patient enough to answer most of em.So how did Siri learn to speak?Well,of course no one taught her alphabets from the beginning n even if they did how did she get her voice?

The answer is Susan Bennett.She didn’t even know that she was the voice of Siri until her friends told her voice looks similar to Siri’s.Prior to Siri her voice was used in GPS,ATM And Interactive Voice Response Systems(IVR).To know more I suggest you go ahead and read this interesting article from Typeform.

One day she was approached by few engineers saying they wanted to record her voice for some text-to-speech company ,ahem, Siri as we know today.

Apple acquired Siri and then integrated it right into core of iOS.Recently Siri creators have started a new company Viv and it has been acquired by Samsung.