Here are some nintendo switch accessories you need to have

joy con grips

Nintendo Switch is one of the most innovative gadgets offering you more ways to plays games.I’ve decided to list some of my favourite nintendo switch accessories or add-ons to make your gaming experience a whole lot better with the switch.

9Screen Protector

As you all know the switch can be played in docking mode at home or in handheld mode which is how most of us generally play.To ensure yourself some peace of mind while you’re on the go, you need to protect the 6.2 inch capacitive touch screen from scratches or breaking.Simply install a tempered glass on it which usually costs around 3-5 bucks.

You could go with amFilm screen protector or JETech screen protector both of which have excellent reviews on Amazon.Believe me this is the first thing you need to do when you get the switch.


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