Is nintendo switch digital backwards compatible?


When Nintendo switch was first released gamers wanted to know one thing badly.”Will Nintendo switch digital be backwards compatible”?

Simply said, the answer is no.Nintendo confirmed this to Famitsu. In this article I’ll explain why.

Despite having cartridges of its own the switch won’t play 3DS titles.Sadly if you’re buying switch you need to buy again.

Traditionally when Nintendo launched 3DS it supported games of DS.The same applies to Wii U.Nintendo confirms it doesn’t position switch as successor to Wii U.

Nintendo wants all new gaming experience and it has several upcoming games.It has already ported titles like Mario kart deluxe.

Just exclusively for the switch Nintendo even launched a brand new platformer Super-Mario Odyssey.So it’s quite natural that Nintendo doesn’t wanna support backward compatibility.

Nintendo sees switch as a great new experience that’s a first of it’s kind to be a huge success.To ride on that success wave, the company wants to sell its games too right?

This seems a very clever move from Nintendo because it guaranteed development for Wii U independently. The company doesn’t wanna alienate its fan base by forcing them to buy new hardware.

nintendo switch digital backwards compatible

There are already good number of exciting titles launched already and many more to come.Nintendo wants to position itself as the leader of hybrid gaming.



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