Nintendo switch review :All you need to know about the switch in 2018

Nintendo switch

Ok you may have already heard a lot of Nintendo switch news on the internet.In fact Nintendo switch is one of the most innovative and unique hybrid consoles of all time.

I’ve finally decided to share my thoughts on Nintendo switch in this article.

Design and Ergonomics 

Let’s start with the design.Design wise it’s a tiny thin tablet weighing about .77 lbs along with the joy-cons.

It features a 720P capacitive touch screen measuring about 6.2 inches.It comes with a pair of Joy-cons that are kinda tiny.The top features power button and volume controls.

You can attach the Joy-cons to the joy-con grip to use em as a controller.To use it in TV mode simply plug it into your Nintendo dock provided.

Nintendo switch also features 3.5mm headphone jack so you can enjoy your game in HD audio.Nintendo switch also has a MicroSD card slot on the back to expand your storage upto 2 TB.Given the onboard storage is meagre 32 GB you’re gonna need an SDXC card.

Nintendo switch is portable and comfortable to hold in hand with Joy-cons attached.

It has the size of your phablet phone like iPhone 8 Plus or Samsung galaxy S9 Plus.However it may not fit in your pocket, you still wanna use a backpack to carry it with you.

Joy-cons are tiny and they have their own grips, but they’re too tiny and we recommend using an actual controller like Nintendo Pro controller.The built-in kickstand sucks coz you need to place on an exact hard surfaces.You can go use some third party stands and cases.

Display and Ports 

nintendo switch

Nintendo switch has 720P resolution meaning your games run at lower frame rate while in handheld mode.But when you plug it in the dock in TV mode you can play games at 1080P rendering.

This is quite obvious because Nintendo wants to preserve battery life while in hand-held mode.

Not only the game can be played at 1080P but your switch will be charged when you dock it.

Talking of ports Switch has USB type C port so that you can charge it using standard chargers like Pixel 2’s charger.

It has a slot on the top to insert game cards if you’re not fond of using Nintendo’s e shop.

On the rear side of the Dock there are HDMI ports ,AC adapter port and system connector that you need to connect to your TV with built-in cables.

There’s a neat lil lid to hide all these wired connections.


nintendo switch dock

Nintendo switch can be played in TV mode by docking it in or handheld mode by slipping in Joy-cons on to the sides of the tablet.

Joy-cons are powered by Bluetooth and have Gyro, Accelerometer to power your motion-controlled games.The right Joy-con even IR that can scan objects in real time.

The haptic feedback provided on these Joy-cons is lifelike and feels much more natural and blends perfectly with the experience.

Oh , BTW if you’re too excited about playing with your Joy-cons there are Joy-con grips included.

Battery Life and Performanceupcoming nintendo switch games

The battery inside switch is 4300 mAh in capacity and you can play games like Legend of Zelda for 2 hours non-stop.After that your switch begs you to charge it.

You can however carry a battery pack along with while on the go and simply plug it in using USB-C port.

It has smart battery management feature that turns the screen off to prevent you from losing your valuable gameplay data.

Nintendo has made some compromises while striking a balance between portability and performance.

Switch is powered by NVIDIA Tegra Processor which delivers decent rendering however some scenes in games of Zelda look kinda washed off.

Joy-cons sometimes are inconsistent  coz of which you mayn’t perfom certain moves in games at times.This is annoying at times when you’re seriously playing an intense level in a game.

There’s Bluetooth built-in, however you can’t use Bluetooth headphones without a dedicated USB adapter.

Keep in mind that this isn’t a true competitor to PS4 or Xbox one however it tries to do be something that those consoles can never do.

Games and Availability

There are plenty of titles to choose from like Super Mario Odyssey ,Splatoon 2 , Pokken tournament DX and the list goes on.

Nintendo Switch is a smashing hit even after facing several production delays.

Many games are being ported from PS4 and other platforms.You can easily grab em from Nintendo e-shop or buy physical copies if you still like it that way.

Hybrid console 

To do all this Nintendo had to make some compromises.The underlying hardware powering the dock isn’t as powerful as PS4 or Xbox.Nintendo switch is truly a hybrid console.

While in handheld mode the screen is just a 720P screen, so that’s not groundbreaking either.

The switch tries to give you flexibly and plug and play experience that you would love.You wanna play on the big screen plug it into the dock.

Heading out ? Simply attach your Joy-cons and take it off.Wanna put in your table?You can do that too.


nintendo switch games list

Nintendo tries to succeed where it failed with Wii U.It’s a bold step in future of gaming.

There’s not even a single device similar to switch that’s worth comparing to, giving you all the titles you love from Mario kart to other platforms as well.

If you’re ok with the underpowered hardware in the dock mode.If you love the flexibility, portability to play anywhere then Nintendo switch is the right console for you.

If you play your games on TV or laptop then you may just wait for Nintendo to upgrade the switch.









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