6 Cool OnePlus 6 features that make it one of the best smartphones[2018]

Cool OnePlus 6 features

OnePlus 6 phone is out now and here are the coolest OnePlus 6 features that make it one of the best phones.


This is one of the most highlighted OnePlus 6 features. It features Snapdragon 845 series processor coupled 6/8 GB RAM. This phone can perform graphics intense tasks with ease.

Snapdragon 845 series can be found only in other high-end phones like Samsung Galaxy S9.

OnePlus 6 also has gaming mode which throttles RAM usage while playing a game. This provides an ultra-smooth gaming experience.

Software running on OnePlus 6 is based on Android Oreo, OxygenOS. It’s almost as good as stock android.

Note: OnePlus is one of the phone manufacturers that push software updates at the earliest possible.


Although the camera on this phone lacks all the bells and whistles, it takes great photos. It, however, oversharpens images in low light.

Overall the front facing[16 MP] and rear cameras[16 MP and 20 MP] take decent pictures and it also shoots Super Slow-mo videos.

OnePlus 6 takes some of the best portrait shots in smartphones. The amount of blur is properly tuned and portrait shots look gorgeous.

Full-Screen Design 

OnePlus 6 has 6.28″ all screen glass body with a notch. The design is stunning to look at. Even Pixel 2 doesn’t have the full-screen design.

OnePlus 6 display is an AMOLED display with HD resolution and does a terrific job at colour management.

Undoubtedly display is one of the coolest OnePlus 6 features.


While it takes some getting used the gestures are one of the best features in OnePlus 6. It got rid of Android navigation buttons in favour of gestures.

While these gestures look similar to iPhone X, they can get much better. Eventually, OnePlus may tweak it with software updates.

Fast charging

As OnePlus 6 has Snapdragon 845 series chipset, it supports fast charging right out of the box. And best of all fast charging cable comes bundled in the box.

This is amazing considering the fact that iPhone X, 8/8 Plus do support fast charging. But you may need to shell out extra $80 bucks to get that.


Unlike other flagships, OnePlus has up to 256 GB of built-in storage capacity. Internal storage is really important as you don’t have to fiddle with your SD cards anymore.

This puts it directly on par with iPhone X and Samsung s9 which also have 256 GB storage capacities.

OnePlus 6 has many more amazing features and we will uncover them as we find it. Also, find out more about missing features in OnePlus 6.

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