10 key differences between HTC U12 Plus and OnePlus 6

OnePlus 6 vs HTC U12 Plus

In our previous post, we listed the common features between HTC U12 Plus and OnePlus 6. So in this post, we will do a OnePlus 6 vs HTC U12 Plus comparison.

OnePlus 6 vs HTC U12 Plus


These two phones are similar featuring Snapdragon 845 series for efficient power management. However HTC U12 Plus features only 6 GB RAM and OnePlus 6 features up to 8 GB of RAM.

Super Slow-Mo

OnePlus supports Super Slow-Mo up to 720p at 480 fps. On the other hand, HTC U12 Plus only supports slow motion up to 240 fps at 1080p which the OnePlus 6 does too.

What’s worth noting is that super slow-mo on the OnePlus 6 is nowhere close to Samsung galaxy s9’s Super slow-mo that records up to 960 fps.

Winner: OnePlus 6 takes the edge here given its excellent camera quality.


OnePlus 6 features a full-screen design with a notch at the top. HTC U12 Plus features an almost full-screen design with slight bezels on the top and bottom portions of the screen.

The U12 screen has an 18:9 aspect ratio which is slightly narrower than 19:9 aspect ratio of the OnePlus 6.

Winner: Although OnePlus 6 has a full-screen design, HTC has a unique translucent back. Its a matter of personal preference and we call it a tie.


HTC U12 Plus features a quad-HD display and uses the traditional LCD technology and produces true to life colours. OnePlus 6 has an AMOLED screen with HD resolution, blacks look deep and colours just pop on AMOLED displays.

Another noticeable feature found in HTC U12 Plus is HDR 10 support. This means that you can watch content on your favourite streaming apps with a cinematic viewing experience. There’s no HDR support found on the OnePlus 6.

Winner: It is difficult to decide as HTC features LCD but quad-HD display while OnePlus 6 features HD screen with AMOLED. We give the slight edge to U12 PLus here.


While the software on both devices is based on Android Oreo, OnePlus 6 runs on OxygenOS. HTC runs on Sense UI and HTC’s latest Edge Sense launcher.

OxygenOS on the OnePlus 6 is gesture heavy. HTC U12’s software is a nearly pure Android. OnePlus uses a forked version of Android Oreo whereas HTC only tweaks the skin without modifying much of the core functions.

Winner: It’s a tie as both the phones fast and amazing software.

Water resistance

HTC U12 Plus is IP 68 rated meaning it can withstand dips in the pool. While OnePlus says that 6 is water resistant, there’s no official rating on it. You can check out all the missing features in OnePlus 6.

Winner: Clearly HTC U12 as it is IP 68 rated.

Headphone Jack

Yes, its 2018 and headphone jack is still relevant. Given the fact that Android doesn’t have a proper Bluetooth headphone solution like AirPods yet. OnePlus 6 has a headphone jack and the U12 Plus doesn’t.

Winner: OnePlus 6 as it features a headphone jack.

Unique features

While most of the people say features like speed and software are enough to convince customers to upgrade their smartphones, we strongly disagree.

It’s 2018 and we need value for every buck that we shell out to buy our pocket computers. While OnePlus 6 offers all the latest and greatest features at a reasonable price, there’s no killer feature.

Whereas HTC comes up with a brand new interface, Edge sense UI. U12 Plus has a pressure sensitive body. You can squeeze the sides of the phone to activate Google Assistant or tap to activate.

Also, HTC U12’s Edge Sense can be extended to third-party apps.

Winner: HTC has done an amazing job by introducing Edge sense, a new way to interact with your phones. So HTC has unique pressure sensors that can be found only in U11 and Google Pixel 2.


HTC’ camera is notoriously bad at producing stunning and amazing photos in all lighting conditions. OnePlus 5T takes some of the best photos and OnePlus’s processing software is amazing.

Winner: OnePlus 6 is a clear winner here.


It all comes down to this when buying a new phone. Now that you understood the key differences between in our OnePlus 6 vs HTC U12 Plus comparison, let’s talk about price.

OnePlus 6 is an undisputed king in this. It starts from $529 for a 6GB RAM+ 64 GB variant and the most expensive model costs $629.

HTC U12 Plus starts from $799 and most expensive model costs $849.

Winner: OnePlus 6 is again the winner in this particular context.

Hope you liked our OnePlus 6 vs HTC U12 Plus comparison. Stay tuned for full reviews. You can also read about the unique features in OnePlus 6.

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