Poncho App is no longer available: The team was acquired by Dirty Lemon

poncho app

This is really sad news for folks using Poncho App including myself. If you’re not unfamiliar with Poncho app, it’s a weather app with a cute personality.

What exactly does Poncho App do?

poncho weather app

Poncho the cat is a weather app with personality. It started with a discussion at Apple’s Planet of the Apps show, eventually raised $2 Million in seed funding.

The App became popular with users for its sarcastic and fun way of presenting weather alerts to its users. Also, it sends text and email alerts to its users. Poncho sees itself as a media company rather than an app.

Along with that Poncho has messenger bot as well. While everything was good, the real problem with Poncho was monetisation.

While it gained some loyal followers it failed to monetise from it.

Here are the screenshots of the app on my phone.

poncho the catWho acquired Poncho App?

Fast company reports that a company called Dirty Lemon, that’s a consumer-centric beverage brand acquired it. It almost makes no sense right? No, it does! Dirty Lemon and Poncho App have one thing in common.

Dirty Lemon also uses SMS to engage with users and build a loyal fan base. Now if you add Poncho’s ability and data to that, they might even convert it into sales.

Dirty Lemon is famous for its high-end lemon-based beverages that can be purchased only through text messages. The company hopes that by acquiring the technology behind the app they could sell more beverages.

However, this app has been shut down and we’re all gonna miss Poncho the cat. You can read Poncho’s statement here.


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